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A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Thursday 23 May 2024 Episode 99 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for an episode of Plus belle la vie, even though plus belle airs Thursday afternoons on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Thursday 23 May in a more beautiful life, even more…

Killian and Aya, are they (already) over?

At the Masalia residence, Jules’ morale is at an all-time low. Reason ? Betty will be interned in a psychiatric hospital for acute reactive psychosis, a phenomenon that often occurs after emotional shock, no doubt following the announcement of Killian’s divorce. Jules feels sorry for his cousin because he believes that he did not have a chance in life.

The young man confides in Morgan that he is overcome with guilt. And for good reason, he feels he’s abandoned Betty, but also Killian. His girlfriend tries to reassure him, telling him that Killian will surely forgive him. is he really right

At the Le Mistral bar and restaurant, Thomas surprises Killian when he fills out Betty’s file for admission to a mental hospital. He explains to his brother that it’s up to him to take care of it since he’s still married to Betty. Thomas advises her to get a divorce, but Killian replies: “I wouldn’t do that, that girl is sick.”

Later that day, Killian tells Aya that he wants to stay married to Betty. The young woman did not expect such a revelation. She is upset and afraid that she will not be able to have a love story with Killian.

Against all expectations, the young woman told Killian: “I’m lost here, maybe we should rest”. A shocked Killian asks her if she wants to leave him, and she replies: “Even then, I can’t, you’re already married.” Is this the end of the love story in Mistral?

Good news and bad news

At the Pavillon des Fleurs, Maya, the association’s first client, has a fake interview with Eric. The latter pretends to be his boss, but, unfortunately, he does not feel comfortable with this exercise. Instead of being harsh, he is sympathetic towards Maya. Therefore, Luna asks that her character be fully played.

After a short break, Eric returns to the role of Maya’s boss. This time he is so involved in the game that he talks very aggressively to the user. Blanche takes him to task and asks him to get more comfortable. While Luna, Blanche, and Eric talk to each other, Maya musters up the courage to call her boss to ask for an urgent meeting.

An hour later, Eric, Blanche, and Luna eagerly await Maya’s return. The two women fear that this fake interview has hurt Maya, and they start blaming Eric, which worries the ex-cop.

Suddenly, Maya comes and announces the verdict to the whole team: it goes to 15 euros an hour, with 10% overtime and seniority bonus. Everyone is excited about this good news.

Meanwhile, at the Bohr house, it’s debriefing time. Jean-Paul and Léa ask their daughter if she is being bullied at school, but she continues to deny it. So, Leah advises her husband to put aside his police uniform and play more of a father role.

At the end of the day, Jean-Paul apologizes to his daughter for her behavior in recent days. He confides in her: “I’m worried because I love you more than anything in the world, I don’t want you to be sad.”

Finally, Lucy breaks her silence: she tells her father that she no longer has friends at school because of work. Indeed, one of his classmates makes fun of him because his father is a policeman. His name is Mikael Delpierre. Jean-Paul promises that he will not go to talk to her. Will he keep his promise?

Will Barbara leave Mistral?

The police department continues to investigate human remains found at the site of a building collapse in January 2023. Patrick and Samuel are anxiously waiting to learn the circumstances of the death. What if the victim did not die in the accident?

Suddenly, Patrick receives an alert on his phone: there are hate messages against Barbara. Individuals accuse him of carrying out illegal work in the basement, which allegedly caused the first collapse of the buildings.

Barbara fights in Mistral. He is upset by the messages he receives. An online media outlet known for sharing fake news even wrote an article blaming her and her late husband, Abdel Fedala, for the tragedy. Babette advises him to file a complaint or take action. Is Barbara strong enough to overcome this ordeal?

At the police station, Samuel has just received a call from the trustee of a building that has collapsed. The latter informed him that the cellar of the 11th building (where the human bones were found) was an armored vehicle. The police officer informs Jean-Paul that he is becoming increasingly convinced that this person was the victim of a murder.

But to Boher, it’s probably the skeleton of a homeless person. He can’t bear to make such assumptions to Samuel when the latter has no proof of what he is saying. The tone rises between the two colleagues.

At the end of the day, Thomas pays Barbara a surprise visit. She made him his favorite smoothie to take his mind off of it. Suddenly, Yael’s mother’s cell phone rings, but Thomas asks her to turn it off, with no content. Barbara accepts.

As he slowly regains his smile, he comes across a mysterious letter in his mailbox. This is the letter on which these few cruel words are written: “You are responsible for the destruction, leave the precinct or you are dead.”

Will Barbara leave or risk staying in her neighborhood? The answer in the rest is a more beautiful life, even more beautiful.

Source: Allocine

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