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Guide to espresso coffee: discover the history of the drink and how to best prepare it

The coffee expert tells everything you need to know about coffee, which is a staple in the daily lives of Brazilians

For Brazilians, espresso… or would it be espresso? However, this concentrated and delicious drink was born in Italy from the invention of the coffee machine that passes water under pressure through a layer of compressed roasted and ground coffee. This construction was attributed to Luigi Bezzerra.

Having told the story well, we can return to the initial question: after all, is it espresso or espresso? The truth is, it doesn’t matter. Espresso, with an “s”, has the original meaning of “squeezing” or working under pressure, which is the basic concept of the machine responsible for producing this type of coffee. The “x” version of the word is just a Brazilian one.

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7 benefits of coffee for those who practice physical activity

Paladar coffee expert and blogger Ensei Neto teaches you how to prepare this Italian delicacy at home. Watch!

How is espresso coffee prepared?

For those who want to make the classic Italian style, just follow the 1:4 ratio, i.e. ¼ of an ounce of weight (7 grams) to obtain a liquid ounce (30 ml). “With the popularization of the method, bartenders in the Nordic countries started working with larger proportions, for example from 10 g to 12 g for the same final 30 ml,” says Ensei.

What is the difference between espresso and brewed coffee?

In principle this is a similar method to the filtered one, however, in the case of espresso, the coffee powder is much finer and its compaction behaves like a natural filter after the addition of water. Having no barrier like paper, the oils are extracted forming micro air bubbles, a beautiful creamy effect with streaks called “cream”.

Have you ever wondered why espresso comes with water?

The reason for this is much less noble than one might imagine. Ensei Neto says that a glass of water, especially sparkling water, is often a way to mask the imperfections and problems of the drink served.

Is espresso healthier?

Because it doesn’t go through a filtering process like brewed coffee, the oils in the coffee beans are transferred into the drink. The problem is that these oils undergo changes during the roasting process, turning into saturated oils or fats. Therefore, espresso consumption should be moderate compared to filtered drinks.

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Source: Terra

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