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Meta posts Ray-Ban glasses on Instagram using voice command

Smart glasses made in collaboration between Ray-Ban and Meta, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses updates and acquires more features

An update has brought more features to smart glasses Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. The device, launched in September 2023, now supports Amazon Music, another option to post to Instagram and it’s “more social than ever,” according to her Objective. The news was announced this Wednesday (21), in blog company official.

On Instagram via voice command

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses are able to visually record everything, as you will have seen in the full review carried out by FreeGameGuide. Now, in addition to taking photos, you can – literally – ask the device to post your records to Instagram: just say “Hey Meta, share my latest photo on Instagram” and that’s it.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart glasses can now post to Instagram via voice command (Image: Ivo Meneghel Jr/Canaltech)

Calm and Amazon Music

The smart glasses resulting from the partnership between Meta and Ray-Ban now support a wider range of apps, such as streaming music program Amazon Music, and also the relaxation-focused program Calm — which, according to Meta, includes the ability to run a soothing sound routine or start playing music using voice command.

Update now available

The new feature is now available to owners of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. If you have one with you that hasn’t been updated yet, simply wait for the update to roll out automatically to your device.

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