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Alexa with AI will require extra payment and arrive in 2024, the website says

The US news portal says Amazon plans a version of Alexa with artificial intelligence and plans to charge a monthly fee to enable its use

A Amazon expects an Alexa update in 2024 that would add more conversation options and artificial intelligence features to the virtual assistant. Therefore, the different device models of the brand would have similar options to ChatGPT by OpenAI, Gemini by Google and co-pilot of Microsoft. However, the user will have to pay a monthly fee to access exclusive features: The information comes from the CNBC news portal.

New Alexa

According to the publication, Amazon is preparing the new version of Alexa to compete with artificial intelligence chatbots that have become popular recently. The extra amount to be charged to customers who want AI has not yet been revealed, but it is already known that the service is not expected to be included in Amazon Prime.

The site’s report also highlights that there is pressure coming directly from the company’s current CEO, Andy Jassy, ​​who would not be impressed with what Alexa can currently do. A source from the portal pointed out that the development team is worried about inventing an expensive clock that tells the weather and plays the music of the Spotify.

Therefore, the team was tasked with turning the assistant into a relevant device that can tackle anything technology of AI.

Alexa may be getting an update with AI (Image: Play/Amazon)

Amazon has already made suggestions to Alexa with artificial intelligence

It’s worth mentioning that during Amazon’s financial report released last month, Jassy highlighted that the company is building a “substantial number of GenAI applications across the company’s consumer businesses and an even smarter and more capable Alexa.”

Furthermore, in September 2023, Big Tech announced that it had already planned artificial intelligence test for digital assistant. However, so far nothing has been mentioned about charging an additional monthly fee to release the update.

Source: CNBC

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