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Marielle case: after the speech, Moraes tells the PF to listen to Rivaldo Barbosa

Marielle case: after the speech, Moraes tells the PF to listen to Rivaldo Barbosa

The handwritten note from the former police chief, investigated for planning the councillor’s murder, gave rise to a request from the STF minister

A handwritten note from delegate Rivaldo Barbosainvestigated for planning the murder of councilor Marielle Franco in 2018 it was decisive that Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF), ordered the Federal Police (PF) to listen to the suspect. According to CNN Brasil, Barbosa wrote in the note: “For mercy’s sake, let the police listen to me”. The PF has up to five days to execute the declaration.

The suspect’s defense claims that he has not yet been heard by PF investigators since March 24. They are therefore asking for the arrest to be lifted so that he can be released on bail, with the use of an electronic ankle bracelet and precautionary measures.

Moraes denies releasing the deputy

On May 18, Alexandre Moraes rejected the defense’s request Rivaldo Barbosa and remanded the accused in custody.

Moraes’ decision is in line with the statement of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), according to which “the prison must be maintained, since Rivaldo Barbosa has not presented any fatal or legal modification capable of altering the panorama of the judicial decision granted by him “. maximum custody.”

The agency also argued that, in addition to having contributed to the planning of the crime, the accused “made efforts to impede the progress of the investigation” and, if released, could once again interrupt the criminal trial and resort to “contacts “in the militia. .

“It is also important to highlight that, according to what was found, Rivaldo maintains illicit relationships with the main militiamen and criminals of the State of Rio de Janeiro. His release, combined with the economic power he has and his contacts with the illicit networks existing in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, could frustrate the application of the criminal law itself and compromise criminal investigations,” states the PGR.

Why was Marielle killed?

Investigations indicate that execution planning began in the second half of 2017, after an “uncontrolled reaction” by Chiquinho Brazão due to Marielle’s participation in the vote on the complementary law 174/2016.

The proposal, signed by Chiquinho Brazão When he was still a city councilor, he spoke on the land regulation of subdivisions and groups existing in the neighborhoods of Vargem Grande, Vargem Pequena and Itanhangá, as well as in the neighborhoods of the XVI RA – Jacarepaguá, in Rio de Janeiro.

In presence of Marielle together with the communities of Jacarepaguá it was what most hindered the interests of the brothers. A significant part of the Brazão family’s electoral base was concentrated in the region, largely dominated by militias.

Several signs of Brazão’s involvement in criminal activities were also identified, including those related to militias and land grabbing. The divergence in the political field then emerged on the issues of official regularization and the defense of the right to housing. In this case Marielle wanted to use these territories for social purposes and for the construction of public housing.

The delegate investigated for the death of Marielle Franco wrote a book about the crime
The delegate investigated for the death of Marielle Franco wrote a book about the crime

*With information provided by Estadão Conteúdo.

Source: Terra

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