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The man discovers the bones of 3 mammoths in his cellar

The man discovers the bones of 3 mammoths in his cellar

In Austria, a man found bones of three mammoths, about 35 thousand years old, inside a cellar; fossils are now being analyzed by experts

Forget that good Portuguese or Brazilian wine from an award-winning vintage, hidden away like a jewel! In Austria, a man found the bones of three Stone Age mammoths, aged between 30,000 and 40,000 years, in his cellar. Initially, winemaker Andreas Pernerstorfer thought the fossils were pieces of wood, but when he realized he was wrong, he called in a team of paleontologists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

The curious cellar with ancient mammoth bones is located in the Austrian city of Gobelsburg, less than 100 km from the country’s capital, Vienna. There, researchers bet they will be able to find new clues about the hunting activities of these now extinct animals.

Before mammoth hunting became common practice, this was already known Neanderthals hunted elephants even larger than mammoths 125,000 years ago, straight-tusked elephants.

Mammoth bones in the cellar

In May, ÖAW researchers began excavating the cellar full of mammoth bones. Fossils of three animals have been found so far, but other finds could be identified in the coming months: there hasn’t even been time to publish a scientific article detailing the discovery.

In Austria, a man finds fossils of three mammoths, about 35,000 years old, on a cellar floor (Image: Alessandrozocc/Envato)

“Such a dense bone layer in mammoths is rare,” Hannah Parow-Souchon, head of the excavation, said in a statement. According to the researcher, such a discovery was made in Austria more than 100 years ago.

Mammoth hunt

“We know it humans hunted mammothsbut we still know very little about how they did it,” explains Parow-Souchon. One of the hypotheses put forward is that, thousands of years ago, the place where the cellar was built was a place where these animals were slaughtered.

After the mammoth hunt, they would theoretically be slaughtered there, as the site of the final trap. However, it will be necessary to continue excavations in search of new finds that strengthen this probability. The coincidence of three bones together is a positive point in this story.

It is worth remembering that, at the moment, there is an idea to bring mammoths back to life, through a combination of gene editing techniques. The ambitious plans of the North American company Colossal Biosciences do not yet have a date to materialize.

Source: ÖAW

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