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Tonight with Friends: This timeless French comedy will soon be 20 years old, and we’ll be releasing its lines today!

Tonight with Friends: This timeless French comedy will soon be 20 years old, and we’ll be releasing its lines today!

In 1955, the situation in Cairo became the most complicated. Infiltrated by dozens of spies from all over the world, the Egyptian capital is the site of many conspiracies.

When secret agent Jack Jefferson, aka OSS 283, is killed during a special mission, his successor and former best friend Hubert Bonissor de la Batte is sent on his trail to investigate his mysterious disappearance. Its code name: OSS 117.

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A few years before 1930s Hollywood cinema with a dazzling artist (awarded 5 Oscars), Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin got their hands dirty dusting off the dust of 1950s spy movies.

Redirection without parody

Turning the adventures of the French secret agent OSS 117 (already adapted by Jean Sacha and André Hunébel) into a true comedy, they offered the public a completely new reading of this rather outdated literary and cinematic saga, twisting it without parodying it. and by accentuating its most antiquated elements in a loving mockery of the cinema of the time.

“We had the idea to bring this world into today’s cinema”explained producer Nicholas Altmeier in the feature film’s press kit.

“These B series have been around for over forty years, and even if they are out of fashion, they still have a charm and humor that they didn’t have back then. It seemed to us that it would be enough to move them a little. Push for comedy to get something interesting.”

Dozens of iconic replicas

The result, thanks to the combined talents of the various screenwriters: high-quality writing, excellent efficiency and great freedom.

A nest of spies, of course, but also iconic copies, OSS 117 offers its main performer a real avenue to use all his comic talents and have fun. Michel Hazanavicius’s film, which was warmly received upon its release in 2006, is literally full of unforgettable asides that are not uncommon to hear during a discussion among friends.

For example, mixed up: “I love my butternut squash”, “It will be about growth” or simply “Masterful!”

What is your favorite line in OSS 117?

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Source: Allocine

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