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Tom Cruise is Iron Man, Brad Pitt is Captain America… The Avengers in the 90s, this is what it would have been like

Tom Cruise is Iron Man, Brad Pitt is Captain America… The Avengers in the 90s, this is what it would have been like

For some time, until digital graphics tools and programs that include artificial intelligence have become available to everyone, parodies and subversions have proliferated on the Internet.

Now able to easily get answers to the wildest questions they can ask about their favorite pieces of pop culture, fans who know how to use this new software are having a field day making their wildest dreams come true.

Some people want to know what Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione would have been like if they lived in prehistoric times. Others wonder what the characters of the Dragon Ball animated film by Disney studio artists would be like. Others have imagined what a Pokemon drawn by Hayao Miyazaki would look like.

The Avengers in the 90s

It is in this spirit that two and a half months ago, the so-called stryderHD posted on his Youtube channel a series of digitally generated portraits representing the Avengers in the 90s.

Instead of starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson or Chris Hemsworth, the Marvel superheroes here show the characteristics of the stars who were a hit in Hollywood at the time and who, for some, almost played the part elsewhere. The Avengers.

Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie in the team

For a short video of stryderHD, we can observe:

Morgan Freeman as Nick Fury (in place of Samuel L. Jackson), Tom Cruise as Iron Man (in place of Robert Downey Jr.), Brad Pitt as Captain America (in place of Chris Evans), Dolph Lundgren as Thor (in place). Chris Hemsworth), Leonardo DiCaprio as Spider-Man (instead of Tom Holland), Johnny Depp as Doctor Strange (instead of Benedict Cumberbatch), Denzel Washington as Black Panther (instead of Chadwick Boseman)…

Ben Stiller as Ant-Man (instead of Paul Rudd), Angelina Jolie in the role of Black Widow (instead of Scarlett Johansson), Jim Carrey as Locke (instead of Tom Hiddleston), David Duchovny as the Hulk (instead of Mark Ruffalo), Eddie Murphy as the Falcon (instead of Anthony Mackie location), Kevin Costner as Hawkeye (in place of Jeremy Renner), Keanu Reeves as The Winter Soldier (in place of Sebastian Stan), Michelle Pfeiffer as The Wisp (in place of Evangeline Lilly)…

Christian Bale as Quicksilver (replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Winona Ryder as Scarlet Witch (replacing Elizabeth Olsen), Charlize Theron as Captain Marvel (replacing Brie Larson), Cuba Gooding Jr. as War Machine (on location). role of Don Cheadle), David Bowie as Vision (in place of Paul Bettany) and finally Ron Perlman in the role of Thanos (in place of Josh Brolin).

Which of these diversions is your favorite?

(Re)discover our Avengers video…

Source: Allocine

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