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Change in France 3: How much is this detective fiction with Caroline Proust and Thomas Jounet?

Change in France 3: How much is this detective fiction with Caroline Proust and Thomas Jounet?

This Tuesday, May 28 at 9:10 p.m., France 2 airs Virage , his new unreleased detective fiction directed by Delphine Lemoine and written by Virginie Penyen and Philippe Berenger.

A policeman in search of the truth

Brilliant cop Louise Heck, played by Carolyn Proust (Gear), misses a heinous crime and risks her partner’s life by responding to her son’s incessant calls. She has just learned that Martin (Thomas Juanette), her estranged husband, has decided to move north, away from the city, and become a nurse.

He then decides to join them to find out the reasons behind this sudden change in life. There he encounters Martin’s refusal to communicate. He also notices that his son, Ivan (Simon Zampieri), seems to be involved in the shadow of his new friend Arthur.

To make matters worse, Louise was under the watchful eye of her superiors after a botched operation. A large amount of cocaine was indeed stolen from the operation site. He is the number 1 suspect and will have to prove his innocence. Unfortunately, this news may endanger his family.

A classic investigation

France Télévisions has been accustoming us to detective fiction for years, especially with its collection “Murders…” and if the channel often manages to offer us original and fascinating stories, return Unfortunately it misses the mark and tries to surprise us.

The script actually lacks rhythm and singularity. The numerous flashbacks used to show us what happened during this famous operation are disjointed and add little to the narrative. Fortunately, the end result and the reveal of the identity of the big bad manage to surprise us, allowing us to save the furniture.

As for the casting, if Caroline Proust and Thomas Jouane manage to convince, it is above all Simon Zampieri, a young actor who recently appeared in the TV movie Les Malvenus, who does well in the role of this young teenager in search of a family. stability.

In short, Virage is a classic detective fiction that, if not revolutionizing the genre, should appeal to fans of the genre who will be carried away by this script, which embraces all the codes of the genre.

find it return This Tuesday, May 28, from 9:10 p.m. on France 3.

Source: Allocine

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