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A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Thursday 30 May 2024 Episode 104 [SPOILERS]

A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Thursday 30 May 2024 Episode 104 [SPOILERS]

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE OF Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, which airs Thursday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

On Thursday 30 May in a more beautiful life, even more…

Ulysses sets a trap for Apollina

At the law firm, Apolline tricks her intern tutor, Ulis Kepler, into believing that she spent the night looking for a missing document. But against all odds, the lawyer makes him believe that there is a video surveillance camera in the office, and therefore he knows that he was not working, but was wandering all evening.

Later, a young woman decides to search the office from top to bottom in order to get her hands on the famous camera. Suddenly Master Kepler catches him searching and asks for an explanation.

In its defense, Apollin states that it is forbidden to photograph its employees and customers without their authorization. Ulysses, who is well aware of these rules, replies that he has deceived her into a trap. Apollin is uncomfortable.

Later, Apollinaire goes to the guardian’s office to apologize to him. He explains to her that he knew how to seize an opportunity and that this would make him a good lawyer. Apollina is relieved and proud of this compliment. All’s well that ends well.

Is Gabriel in danger of being released?

Gabriel heads to the stadium once again to talk to the jogger he met earlier in the week. When she sees him, she threatens to file a harassment complaint against him. Gabriel replies that he has absolutely no interest in her and that he just wants to warn her about her health.

Jogging tries to convince her that she is not diabetic and therefore eligible to run a marathon. Finally, Gabriel explains that he did it out of jealousy. He extends his hand to her as a sign of forgiveness, and the young woman agrees to shake it. But against all odds, Gabriel pulls a cutting device from his pocket to test the runner’s blood sugar. He is mad with anger.

Back in the doctor’s office, Gabriel analyzes the sample. Suddenly, Leah arrives at his office to inform him that Noura Benacci, who is none other than a young jogger, called to warn him that she was going to sue the doctor.

Riva defends herself by saying that she did it to save the young woman. Lea does not like this behavior and warns her colleague: “You risk a lot”. But the doctor seems to be unaware of the seriousness of his actions.

At the end of the day, Noura Benacci goes to the office. He promises Riva not to press charges against her, provided she does not alert the marathon organizers. However, he refuses this deal because he knows that the young woman’s participation in the marathon could be fatal for him.

Leah, present in the conversation, also explains to the athlete that participating in the marathon in her condition is very dangerous. Gabriel adds:You have to be smart and know how to give up on your dreams. ” Nura finally agrees to warn the organizers. Will he keep his word?

what’s in the safe

After her harsh interrogation the previous day, Blanche sets up her former lover. He tells her that he wants to tell the police the truth. But Denis Vuillet, who is afraid that his wife will find out about his adultery, tries to stop him: “Do you realize what this means for my relationship?”

Suddenly, Samuel and Jean-Paul arrive. The police summon Blanche for further questioning. A few minutes later, at the Mistral police station, Francois Marc’s ex-wife confesses the whole truth: “I met Dennis when I came back from the United States, my marriage was failing and I was unhappy.”.

Samuel and Jean-Paul inform Blanche that they think Francois may be the person they found in Abdel and Barbara’s basement. Blanche is confused because she claims to be in contact with her ex-husband after the breakup of Mistral. is he telling the truth

Suddenly, Jean-Paul receives a warning: there is something new in the investigation. Indeed, the PTS had just found a safe near the bones. This discovery changes the situation: from now on, the police wonder if the victim is a thief. The latter allegedly used an explosive to open the trunk, which caused the collapse of the building.

Samuel and Jean-Paul immediately go to the scene of the crash. When they arrive, Charlotte, from PTS, shows them the famous chest. Jean-Paul’s mission is to find the six-digit code that allows you to open it.

So he goes to Mistral to question Barbara. He asks what the chest contains, but Yael’s mother replies that it belonged to Abdel and she doesn’t know what’s inside. So Jean-Paul asks her to put some effort into guessing the six-digit code, but Barbara doesn’t mind.

A few minutes later, Thomas surprises Barbara by writing some dates on a piece of paper. She informs her friend that she finally decided to help the police. So Thomas, in turn, helps her delve into her memories. Barbara remembers her first kiss with Abdel, the first kiss, the birth of Yael, etc.

At the end of the day, Eric, who is a security guard at the crash site, hears a noise coming from the intervention tent. He goes inside and finds the safe sealed and damaged.

Is someone going to steal the safe? Answer in the next episodes of the series A more beautiful life, even more beautiful.

Source: Allocine

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