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“Who killed him?”: How many children did driver Paco Stanley have?  One died young

“Who killed him?”: How many children did driver Paco Stanley have? One died young

“Who killed him?” is a new Amazon Prime Video series that arrived on the platform in the last few days and shows the murder of the famous presenter Paco Stanley in 1999, which happened outside a restaurant south of Mexico City.

Each chapter focuses on a key character related to the case, such as Mario Bezares, Jorge Gil and Brenda Bezares, who were questioned by the authorities because of the incident, since there was no evidence of the perpetrator of the crime.

With two episodes released, the audience has shown great interest in the series. Although there is still much to be released, doubts about the life of Paco Stanley have not stopped being created on the Internet, such as how many children the politician also had.

During his lifetime, Francisco Jorge Stanley Albaitero had four children with different women. Below, we present in detail who they are.

Who are paco stanley’s children?

Francisco Stanley Solis

His first child, Francisco Solís, was born from the comedian’s marriage to María Solís and although he seemed to have a promising future in the world of entertainment, the young man died in 1993 around the age of 35 after a car accident caused by an infant while behind the wheel.

One of the strongest rumors surrounding his death is that the heart attack was caused by an overdose, but this has never been officially confirmed.

Years after separating from María Solís, Paco Stanley remarried where he had two children with Patricia Pedroza, a couple he stayed with until his sudden death.

Francisco Stanley Pedroza

Also known as Paco Junior, the famous man’s second son appeared on television at his father’s request after finishing his law degree and studying in England. After Paco Stanley’s murder, Paco Jr. was removed from the show, but remains on good terms with his brother Paul Stanley, with whom he has taken selfies that have been posted on Instagram.

Leslie Stanley Pedroza

Leslie is the eldest daughter of Paco Stanley and unlike her siblings, she has not committed herself to acting or appeared in the entertainment industry. In fact, he keeps a low profile, since it is unknown what exactly he is doing or how he is at the moment.

Paul Stanley

The most famous son of Paco Stanley is Paul Stanley, who has distinguished himself as a TV presenter in programs such as “Hoy” and “Membros al Aire”. In addition, he participated in “La Casa de los Famosos” alongside Wendy Guevara.

Pavlos is the result of Paco Stanley’s extramarital relationship with Monica Durruti Castillo, which is why the existence of his fourth child was kept a secret for many years, which continues to be a sensitive issue for him.

As of now, none of them have been represented in the “Who Killed Paco Stanley?” series, but it will surely be a matter of time before they become part of the history created by Amazon Prime.

Source: univision

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