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The meaning of the watch Colin gives his mother in ‘Brigerton 3’ and no one noticed: it will make you cry

The meaning of the watch Colin gives his mother in ‘Brigerton 3’ and no one noticed: it will make you cry

The first part of the third season of ‘Brigerton 3’ left us wanting to see more of the romance between Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington aka ‘Polin’. While we wait, a lot of people have been sharing weird facts about the characters.

Will Violet have a new romance in the next chapters of ‘Brigerton 3’?

One of them concerns Violet, the matriarch of the Bridgertons, who was widowed after her husband Edmund died of an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

Although she never remarries in the books, it is suggested in the final chapters of “Bridgerton” that she could be having an affair with Lord Anderson, Lady Danbury’s brother.

It is currently unknown if the two will end up together. However, a fan of the show noticed a very special detail that Colin has with his mother that directly relates to his love life.

At the beginning of the third season, Colin is shown returning from a long trip to Europe and giving something to each member of the Bridgertons, such as a book to Eloise or a bow and arrow to Gregory. But, without a doubt, the most important item was the one that Violet Bridgerton received.

The Hidden Meaning of Colin’s Gift: A New Beginning for Violet in “Bridgerton”?

When she opens it, she discovers that it is a clock and thanks her son with a kiss for the exquisite detail. While it may seem trivial, Twitter user @colinsluvr commented that she found it strange that no one had talked about the scene, as it was related to Edmund Bridgerton, Violet’s late partner.

“Why isn’t anyone talking about Colin’s gift to Violet? Since Edmund also wore a watch,” the post read.

So, many expressed online that in previous seasons it was mentioned that the Bridgerton brothers’ father carried a pocket watch with him everywhere, which was a sweet memory, but also had another meaning regarding the possible appearance of Lord Anderson.

“I think about this gift over and over and my conclusion is: Time stopped for Violet after Edmund died. Her son who looks more like her giving her a watch also symbolizes that time is starting over for her. around the time he’s starting to have romantic feelings again,” user @swiftiemoth expressed.

The theory, which at the moment has not been confirmed by the creators of the series, in fact, has gained popularity among lovers of the series, as they agree that the watch represents the progress of Violet Bridgerton to a new stage of her life, but without forgetting the bond she had with her ex-husband.

In the end, many also ended up happy with Colin, because being the most sensitive son, he realized that his mother was not completely well and with the gift he tried to encourage her to move on.

What do you think about this very special approach? Tell us in the comments.

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