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Will Trent on TF1: The Hero’s Scary Past Reveals… What Will We Find Out?

Will Trent on TF1: The Hero’s Scary Past Reveals… What Will We Find Out?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the Will Trent series. If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

On May 15, TF1 launched Will Trent, an American detective series starring Ramon Rodriguez, Erika Christensen and Yanta Richardson.

During the first few episodes, viewers were quickly drawn to the GBI special agent. It must be said that Will had a particularly difficult, if not traumatic, childhood.

Abandoned in a dumpster, Will spent his childhood and adolescence in Atlanta’s overcrowded foster care system. And her body, unfortunately, bears the marks of the abuse she suffered.

If he hides the scars of this past under a three-piece suit, viewers were still able to discover in the first episode of the series the many scars he bears on his back, arms and even his neck.

But what happened to Will?

Willy’s horrific past is revealed

While we’ve already heard the full horror of Willy’s childhood, we still don’t know what could have happened to him. And it’s in episode 7, which is partly devoted to Will and Angie’s youth, that we find out more.

So the scar on his neck is linked to a member of the foster family he grew up with who threw him through a glass door.

As for the burns all over the body, it’s even more shocking what caused them. In 1998, Willie was placed in an abusive foster family.

Mom was upset because I went to church with my shirt folded“, he explains in episode 10, before adding, “I had tarnished his reputation, but he was smiling and letting nothing show. But when he got home, he decided to iron the shirt while I was wearing it“.

If all this is unsustainable, it is still only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, Will Trent’s past is revealed as the episodes progress. So no doubt we’ll learn more as the seasons change.

Knowing that the series is based on Karin Slaughter’s Will Trent literary saga, and that it currently spans 14 volumes, we’re clearly only at the beginning of its story.

Will Trent is broadcast every Wednesday from 21:10 on TF1.

Source: Allocine

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