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Parents for Life on France 2: The chilling true story of this TV movie with Natacha Lindinger and Eric Caravacca

Parents for Life on France 2: The chilling true story of this TV movie with Natacha Lindinger and Eric Caravacca

This Wednesday, May 29, France 2 airs Parents in Infinity, a poignant film inspired by the horrific news.

Directed by Natacha Lindinger and Eric Caravaca, the TV movie tells the story of Laurence and Eric, the loving parents of 17-year-old teenager Guillaume (Jules Houplein).

While the whole family is preparing to go on vacation, the police arrive to arrest Guillaume. The latter actually raped one of his comrades. A crime he quickly admitted.

Torn between grief, horror, and guilt, Laurence and Eric begin a long battle to understand what happened and do everything they can to support their son in the legal storm that is affecting their family.

Although they condemn his crime, Lawrence and Eric continue to love their son and will do anything to make his sentence lighter. Until a new tragedy occurs, of which they will be helpless witnesses and unwitting accomplices.

Parents for Life is adapted from a true story

If Parents in Life is unfamiliar to you, that’s because the fiction is an adaptation of the book by Sophie and Dominique Mullinas, Matthew’s parents, who raped and then killed a young teenager. A scary story that hit the headlines a few years ago.

In 2010, Mathieu Molinas, then 15 years old, raped Julie, one of his neighbors, at the threat of a kitchen knife. A young man convicted of sexual violence will be released on four months’ pretrial detention under court supervision and await trial with the approval of psychiatric experts and an investigating judge.

Unfortunately, sixteen months later, Mathieu raped and stabbed 13-year-old Agnes Marin with 17 wounds before burning her body. A case that moved all of France at that time.

Mate Mullinas was eventually sentenced to life in prison in 2013 for the rape of Julie, as well as the rape and murder of Agnes Marin, an extremely rare occurrence for juveniles.

Agnès Marin’s parents, for their part, launched legal proceedings against the state, denouncing the dysfunctions associated with Mathieu’s release, the conditions of his judicial control and the lack of follow-up.

Thus, the state was condemned by the High Court of Paris, for its responsibility in the chain of errors that led to the murder of Agnes Marin, to pay 185,000 euros in damages to the victim’s family.

Embarrassed with shame and guilt, Sophie and Dominique Mullinas remained silent for many years before coming out as parents à perpetuité in 2016. A book about what it’s like to be the parents of a criminal.

And it is from this complex work that tonight’s TV movie is inspired. A moving and poignant piece of fiction not to be missed.

Source: Allocine

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