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Arthur Aguiar refuses to participate in A Fazenda: “It makes no sense”

Arthur Aguiar refuses to participate in A Fazenda: “It makes no sense”

The actor explained that he made an exception to participate in “BBB 22” because he needed to clean up his image with the public

Arthur Aguiar refused the invitation to participate in “A Fazenda” because he did not want to participate in the rural reality show or any other confinement program. The information was revealed by the actor on Wednesday (5/29), during an appearance on “Link Podcast.”

In the podcast, host Deborah Albuquerque asked if the former Rebelde will participate in the Record attraction, but revealed that she had previously rejected the proposal: “A survey has already been carried out, in fact I have been invited to participate in ‘A Fazenda’, but I didn’t make sense, I wouldn’t have come in.”

Have you cleaned up the image on “BBB”?

Aguiar explained that his participation in the cast of “BBB 22” was strategic, as he was going through a turbulent period in his artistic career and needed to clean up his image with the public. At the time, the actor had no fixed contract with a television station and was involved in controversy, especially for the betrayal of his ex-wife, the trainer Maíra Cardi.

“Despite being a guy who likes watching reality, I had never thought of taking part in a reality show. ‘Big Brother’ was an exception, it was an opportunity that made sense at that precise moment. Thank God I joined and it was nice because people got to know a little more about me and it was an amazing experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life,” he said.

Aguiar also confessed that he would make another exception for reality TV, if he received an invitation to participate in the Globo attraction again: “I think the only possibility for me to participate in a reality show again would be if there was a ‘Big Brother ‘If called up I would definitely join the Champions League,’ he added.

Source: Terra

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