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This is a must see: Renata Piotrowski about the films “Escorts” and “Boiling Point”


2021 movie that recently released online, “Escorts” is a Polish-made crime drama that tells the story of an ambitious girl, Amy, who works in an elite escort and receives an offer to recruit girls – models, beauty pageants, or even movie stars – and send a stellar team of beauties to Arab sheikhs. As in all such films (including our “Intergirl” or “Glyantse” by Konchalovsky with Yulia Vysotskaya), the promised paradise will not turn out to be what is expected of him, in this case the world of luxury will show its dark side. The picture is very beautiful – it reminds of the film “Sex and the City 2”, in which Samantha received an offer from an Arab sheik to develop a PR campaign for his hotel chain in Abu Dhabi, but the study of the characters is still not perfect, sometimes they look quite “plastic”. However, the topic is relevant and bright at all times, and today you can talk about it quite openly, so in the near future, large studios will probably “speak out” on the same topic and more qualitatively.

The 2021 film was also released on online platforms “Boiling point”: The premiere of Philip Barantini’s thriller (which grew out of his short film) took place at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, in addition, the tape received four nominations for the BAFTA award. The focus is on the chef of a luxury restaurant in London (Stephen Graham), who is simultaneously trying to resolve problems in relations with his wife and son, adequately meet government scrutiny and not lose face by meeting a strict gastronomic critic. The film was shot in one frame – no cuts, the story, like real life, is presented in one take – and a real tragedy can happen in the finale. The acting is mesmerizing: every character in this culinary drama is real.

About dramedy “Muhic Detective Agency” I can’t express myself so enthusiastically: the spin-off of the popular and cool series “Policeman from Rublyovka” could not keep the “original” bar. According to the plot, the tandem of investigator Igor Mukhich and psychologist Kristina (played by Roman Popov and Sofia Kashtanova), after an undercover operation that went wrong, loses their job in the police and opens a private agency to work with elite clients: the “gonzo-deduction” method becomes the key . The main claim to the project, which Kinopoisk also rated quite low, is flat humor, which seems to throw us back 15 years when we were just beginning to comprehend this genre.

As Jean-Luc Godard said, cinema is truth at 24 frames per second, and photography is simply truth. And on June 30 in the enfilade of the State Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev will tell the whole truth about Moscow: an exhibition opens here “Moscow. Real”, where photographs of the modern architecture of the capital will be presented, fixing the changes of the last ten years. Among the photographers who captured Moscow are Yuri Palmin, Ilya Ivanov, Mikhail Rozanov, Alexei Naroditsky, Sergei Ponomarev, and among their “models” are the restored Narkomfin House, the Museum of Russian Impressionism, the ingenious Zaryadye Park, which made a lot of noise HPP-2 and Large sports arena “Luzhniki”. In addition, the exhibition will show renderings and models of ingenious buildings. And all this is a beautiful ode to architects, whose names are not always known to the general public.

And in the musical theater “Helikon-Opera”, closing its 32nd season, we hurry to the premiere of the opera by G. Verdi “Aida” (June 28 to July 1 and July 5 to 8). Aida was first staged here 26 years ago (and then it became a real sensation), and the new production, directed by the master of experiments Dmitry Bertman, also has serious ambitions. In addition, the exhibition Treasure of the Nile is timed to coincide with the premiere. This is a story about the era when this opera was born: the curator of the exhibition, Egyptologist Viktor Solkin, collected authentic ancient Egyptian monuments, high-precision copies of Egyptian masterpieces, late 19th-century publications about the art of Egypt, ancient claviers of the great opera and other treasures.

Source: Hellomagazine

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