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“Who killed him?”: What was in the white bag that Mario Bezares dropped?  This was the moment

“Who killed him?”: What was in the white bag that Mario Bezares dropped? This was the moment

“Who killed him?” presents a fictional version of the events and testimonies surrounding the murder of Paco Stanley. However, the Amazon Prime Video series once again put the spotlight on the characters and the real events surrounding the showrunner. Such is the case of the white bag that fell from the jacket of Mario Bezares while he was doing “El Gallinazo” in a show of “Pácatelas”.

This was the moment Mario Bezares dropped a white bag during “El Gallinazo”

It was a joint broadcast in the program “Pácatelas”, hosted by Paco Stanley and Mario Bezares. The audience was entertained by the duo’s antics while enjoying the music and dancing. At one point, Bezares began to dance “El Gallinazo,” a comic choreography that had become one of his most popular numbers.

However, in the middle of the dance, a small white bag fell from his jacket. The moment of the accident was captured by television cameras.

Although at the time, drivers tried to play down what happened, after the murder of Paco Stanley on June 7, 1999 and theories that it was related to drug trafficking, the incident became more topical, raising endless questions. Thus, the skid became one of the most memorable moments on Mexican television.

What did the white bag that Mario Bezares threw at “Pácatelas” bring?

For years Mario Bezares avoided answering the question. However, in 2023 he decided to break the silence. In the ViX documentary “The Show: Chronicle of a Murder” he assured that the “famous bag” did not contain cocaine, as is widely assumed, but was rather a bag of matches along with some tissues.

Of course, the “little purse” had a strange history. It all started at a show they offered in Tijuana where they made out with various women and in the end, a particularly attractive one was the winner. The prize was a kiss with Paco Stanley and, given the woman’s attractiveness, the comedian gave her a passionate one.

At the end of the show, the young woman appeared backstage to continue the romantic moment they had shared. However, upon hearing her, the duo realized she had a “strong voice” with a masculine tone, so Stanley immediately ruled her out and gave her excuses as to why their meeting couldn’t happen.

His conquest wrote his phone number in a matchbook, hoping Paco Stanley would call him if he returned to town, but the driver threw the item away. It was here when Bezares picked it up and put it in his sack, not paying much attention to the detail.

Weeks later, he wore the same suit again on the show and, according to him, that’s when the tissue match fell.

“If you look very closely and in detail, when I’m done and I’m packing up and putting it in the bag, I take out the matchbook and give it to Paco and Paco does this (looking at it and a disapproving gesture when you find out what it was)” Your son…” and takes him away. Because? Because I gave him the woman’s phone number,” Mario Bezares said on “The Show: Chronicle of a Murder.”

What do you think was the white bag that Mario Bezares dropped? Write your opinion in the comments.

If you want to know more about the life and death of Paco Stanley, don’t miss the documentary series “The show, Chronicle of a Murder” available on ViX. Click here to view it.

Source: univision

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