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HPI on TF1: ‘We Fought’… This hilarious scene from Season 4 almost didn’t exist

HPI on TF1: ‘We Fought’… This hilarious scene from Season 4 almost didn’t exist

It’s been three weeks since TF1 aired the new season 4 of HPI. A new burst of episodes that are still just as enjoyable for early fans. Morgan (Audrey Flerot) indeed found out that she was several months pregnant.

Unfortunately, he does not understand who the father of the child is. A difficult situation that will certainly lead the consultant to some funny situations, especially in episode 2.

While she has an appointment to follow up on her pregnancy, Morgan finds herself at the center of a new investigation. One of the doctors was indeed found murdered. During the episode, in order to advance the investigation, he will enter the hospital at night with Fred (Thomas Scimecca), his new partner.

An infiltration that produced a very funny scene that almost never saw the light of day, as Audrey Flerot explained at a press conference.

Mission Impossible with HPI sauce

For this little overnight trip, Morgan and Freddie share an unbreakable bond. Music reminiscent of the Mission Impossible movies, they move in a choreographed manner.

The roll, the ninja pose, the incredible hiding place, the fast shots… nothing is left to chance to offer an extremely funny sequence like HPI. However, this parody scene almost didn’t appear in HPI Season 4.

At a press conference organized within the Seria Mania festival, Audrey Fleuro admitted that this passage was not unanimous on the set. “If you like a little choreography, that makes me happy! Because it was not unanimous, we fought a lot for this chore!“.

The Queen of Improvisation

On the set of HPI, Audrey Fleuro got into the habit of improvising, as Mona Acheche, director of the first four episodes of Season 4, confided to our colleagues: the voice of the north. The director is also excited”A comic genius” of the actor.

Audrey has mastered the rhythm of comedy. I really appreciate what he has to offer. He always brings something to the text because he has a special way of taking shape with words..”

For latecomers who missed this scene, episode 2 is available on the TF1+ platform. HPI Season 4 Episode 3 airs this Thursday, May 30 at 9:10pm on TF1.

Source: Allocine

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