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A Better Life: What’s in Abdel’s Safe?

A Better Life: What’s in Abdel’s Safe?

A few days into Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, the police investigate a body found in the ruins of old buildings on the Place du Mistral. At the time of the collapse, the victim was in the basement of Barbara (Lea Francois) and Abdel (Marvan Beren).

And apparently none of the building’s former residents saw the victim before the collapse. Jean-Paul (Stephane Hannon) and Samuel are at a dead end and struggle to find new leads. However, in Thursday’s May 30 episode, they find a safe in the rubble where the bones were found.

The two investigators finally have a new lead: the victim may be a thief. It remains to be seen what this chest contains and why someone would try to steal its contents. Jean-Paul Boher gets some unexpected help from Zoe, who uses her thieving talents to open a safe in the closing moments of the Friday, May 31 Plus belle la vie, encore plus belle episode.

What’s in Abdel’s safe?

Yours extraction From episode 106 of Plus belle la vie, Encore plus belle, posted online on the TF1+ platform, Boher visits Barbara at Le Mistral bar to ask her questions about what they found in the safe.

He explains to her that they accidentally found the combination in the safe. The date was May 13, 2022. Barbara is surprised because she and Abdel were no longer together that day. He then recalls that it was the night they conceived Yael. He did not think about this date at all.

Barbara then asks Bohr what was in the trunk. He tells her that there were a lot of files on his clients that the police are going through in hopes of finding something interesting.

But that’s not the only thing they discovered. There was also a necklace with an angel shaped white jade pendant. He asks Barbara if she belongs. The young woman had never seen the necklace. Jean-Paul assumes it was a gift meant for him.

An angel causes birth“- he explained to her. Barbara replies that in that case, Abdel would have given it to her at the time of Yael’s birth. Jean-Paul imagines that he might have been waiting for another opportunity to propose, but Barbara isn’t convinced. When Abdel gave him a present, he had to give it to him immediately.

And then he put it in the trunk, which was in the basement… He really only used this trunk for work.“- adds Barbara. Jean-Paul continues to watch. The cook then asks her if she can keep the necklace. The cop gets away with it because the object is now evidence.

Barbara claims that she hardly remembers her husband because of the collapse. She promises to return it to him if he needs it in the investigation. He finishes his reception. What does this necklace mean? And what was the stranger trying to steal from Abdel’s trunk? Answers to her questions in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, even on plus belle TF1 and previews on TF1+.

Source: Allocine

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