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HPI on TF1: Between Life and Death Will Freddy Survive Season 4?

HPI on TF1: Between Life and Death Will Freddy Survive Season 4?

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the finale of HPI Season 4 Episode 3. If you haven’t seen it yet, go ahead!

Season 4 of HPI, which aired for several weeks on TF1, introduced Fred, a new character who came to sow discord in the police station. A true free spirit, this character, played by Thomas Shimeka, quickly collides with the uncompromising toughness of Karadek (Mehdi Nebibu, who will return to the detective series).

A behavior that allowed him to befriend Morgan (Audrey Fleurot), their two personalities being very similar. And if at first glance the new commander has everything, Gilles (Bruno Sanchez) quickly saw his game and realized that he took credit for all the achievements of his team.

Freddy’s life is in danger

In HPI Season 4 Episode 3, which airs this Thursday, May 30 on TF1, Gilles will try to convince his colleagues that Freddie is a selfish man who puts his own gains before those of other team members.

Unfortunately, no one wants to hear it. But as the episode progresses, Morgan will also realize that Fred, who has been his ally, is not really who he claims to be. He does not want to listen to her intuition and thinks that she is much better than him.

Behavior that puts the consultant on the sidelines. Especially since, as always, it is Morgan and his above-average IQ who manage to figure things out.

At the end of the episode, while Morgan is at home from arsenic poisoning, he receives a call from Marie Besnard (Annie Paul), a former prison acquaintance who is one of the suspects in their investigation. He wants to thank Morgan for exonerating him.

And to prove his integrity, he decided to take care of Fred personally. While the new commander is getting back in his car, Marie hits him with her car. It is on this cliffhanger that the episode ends.

Will Freddy be able to do it?

If in many detective series the writers are not afraid to kill off certain characters, this is not the case for HPI. Freddie will definitely survive this accident. In Season 4 Episode 4, which airs June 13 on TF1, we learn that he has six months of ITT (Temporary Total Disability).

Therefore, the team remains without a leader until further notice. A tense situation that will still be an opportunity. In the next episode, Morgan and the rest of the team actually investigate the murder of a tech company supplier.

And there is a good chance that this case is related to the case of Karadetz, who is now working in the financial brigade. The duo will be forced to work together again, despite their recent tensions. Will Morgan be able to convince him to return to his old position? The answer in HPI Season 4 Episode 4, which airs Thursday, June 13 at 9:10pm on TF1.

For those who are more impatient, the first four episodes are already available for preview on the TF1+ platform.

Source: Allocine

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