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After 5 years, Supercell launches Squad Busters, its new mobile super bet

After 5 years, Supercell launches Squad Busters, its new mobile super bet

After five years, Supercell announces new mobile game; discover Squad Busters, an action title featuring iconic characters from the gaming company

A Supercella Finnish developer famous for mobile games like clash between clans, Royal clash AND Brawl Starsannounced last Wednesday (29th) its latest venture into mobile gaming in the last five years: the Team bustera multiplayer action game focused on quick battles.

The company’s only launch since 2018, the title represents a huge bet by the developer, who achieved no fewer than 40 million registrations during the five-week pre-launch and is expected to earn $1 billion with the new product.


To promote the game, Supercell released a comic short starring some well-known Hollywood names, who appear dressed as the company’s iconic characters, released in other games, but returning for this title.

In the story, Chris Hemsworth (Barbarian King), Ken Jeong (Chicken), Christina Ricci (Super Witch), Will Arnett (Greg) and Auli’i Cravalho (Shelly) wake up and accompany an unsuspecting player on a fun adventure, which over to explain how the dynamics of the game work, making the character no longer able to stop playing Team buster.

Battle between famous people

In Squad Busters, up to 10 players can join the same squad (Image: Disclosure/Supercell)

With Portuguese language support, Team buster is a quick match game lasting just four minutes, in which players form teams of up to 10 members with the aim of defeating their opponents and collecting as many gems as possible.

The games, however, feature game modes that continually change and add elements of surprise and change the dynamics of the game. The player can also choose from up to 30 characters to take on these challenges, perform fusions to make them even stronger, and unlock new abilities.

Among the playable characters there are, in addition to the quintet from the promotional video, characters such as El Primo, Bea, Goblin, Arqueira, Curadora Guerreira and many others.

Following the success of the developer’s other titles, the game had the biggest launch campaign in Supercell’s history to date, which is no small feat considering the company’s influence among mobile games of the genre.

For those who are curious, Team buster is available for free on iOS and Android (squadbusters.supercell.com).

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