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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Friday 31 May 2024 Episode 1698 [SPOILERS]

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Friday 31 May 2024 Episode 1698 [SPOILERS]


Friday 31 May Tomorrow belongs to us…

Soraya disappears

After taking a pot of flowers on his head, Gabriel is in the hospital under sedation. Victoire takes care of her and reassures Soraya, who is at her bedside, that she has a chance to overcome this. Soraya knows she was the target of the flower pot.

Martin comes to question Soraya. They will sit outside. The commander informs the young woman that no prints were found on the remains of the flower pot. At the same time, Grigor and Nur arrive, who are very worried about Gabriel. Soraya can’t stand Grigol’s attitude and blames him for throwing the pot off the balcony. Martin is forced to stop him to avoid being hit. When Nouri defends her lover, Soraya tells her that she is cheating on him with Agnes Prado. But Nur already knows that this is his sister and not his mistress.

Soraya goes to the office with Victoire. They tell Rafael that they were wrong about Agnes. Thanks to the latter’s last name, Rafael remembers that her husband Michel Prado took advantage of her services with the collective in a case that confronted them with the insurance company: they all won 50,000 euros, but Michel disappeared before pocketing the money. As a result of researching Michelle, Soraya finds a photo of her on the web wearing the shirt she found bloodstained in Gregor’s laundry basket.

Rafael and Martin go to the prosecutor to convince him to start a search of Grigori’s house, which he suspects of having Michelle Prado in her apartment. After getting the green light from his father-in-law, Martin forms a team to go to Gregory. Police officers are searching the building. Hearing voices on the other side of the wall, Michelle tries to make noise to warn them, to no avail. The police find nothing suspicious except drugs. Grigori escapes with a simple penalty. Before Martin leaves, the young man announces that he is ready to file a defamation lawsuit if Soraya continues to harass him.

Rafael, who learned about the situation from his companion, is still convinced that Grigor is hiding something. Sebastian is more suspicious. At the same time, Victoire comes to the office: after several hours without news from Soraya, she begins to think. Suddenly, Raffaele receives a message from him explaining that he is leaving for a few days. Rafael is surprised because Gabriel is still in the hospital. He decides to contact his colleague… so that Grigol has his phone and throws it into the sea…

Kristel wins Victor’s project

Charles goes to the Morenos and says he wants to hear from them, as well as news from Jessica. He then admits he heard they were looking to sell the hut and says he’s interested. Christel wonders what kind of money he’s going to pay her back. Charles explains that his mother is going to help him invest.

Charles then calls Victor to tell him that the Morenos aren’t sure yet. Victor seems confident: they will soon have no choice but to sell him. Timothy, who hears his father’s call, clearly sees his game.

After talking about his plan to get the cottage back from Violet and promising not to tell their mother, Charles goes to a wine estate where Victor introduces him to Valentine. On the first day of her internship, the young woman had already sold ten cases of wine. Victor congratulates him, then lets him in on his future purchase of the straw hut.

At the spoon, Nathan asks Christel for news about Charlie. At the same time, Valentin returns from work. Nathan introduces him to Christel. Valentin then talks about Victor and his plan to get the hut back. Kristel almost chokes on her coffee.

Parcoursup results fall

While waiting for the Parcoursup results, Jack and Ryan try to relax by meditating. But Ryan has a hard time taking exercise seriously. He admits to his girlfriend that he is very stressed.

At the end of the day, they find Lizzie and Maude at the spoon. The results of the Parcoursup are as follows: everyone gets what they want, except Ryan, who is rejected everywhere, especially at Montpellier University, where he was going to go with Jack. He was only accepted into Brassens High School Preparatory School.

In turn, Jordan offers Violet to replace her French assistant teacher, which she readily accepts. After class, he goes home to prepare for his bachelor’s degree. He asks her questions about Marivauda – two characters who dare not admit their love for each other. Jordan worries about Violet’s confidence in her answers.

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