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‘Stranger Things 4’: Eddie, Hopper and Max star in the best reactions in networks

Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ has had an epic and very intense ending, and the emotion for those moments has also been reflected on social networks.

    ‘Stranger Things’ has left us again for we don’t know how long with too many emotions to assimilate. If with the usual 45-minute episodes of the first three seasons I already managed it, we knew that for the end of season 4, almost two and a half hours long, we had to put on our seatbelts, grab our tissues (and some snacks) and hit play to then hold on to the seat.

    Spoilers for the ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 finale

    If for something this season has needed its chapters to be double or triple as long as in the previous ones, it is because of the division of its characters. The main gang is not getting bigger, it is also that in this fourth installment it was more divided than ever. ‘Stranger Things 4’ has been a narrative class of how to advance different and dense parallel plots, from Hopper’s adventures in Russia to Vecna’s murders in Hawkins through the escape in a van from California or Eleven’s mind and her memories in the underground lab.

    All those paths converged in an epic ending in which each character had an amount of catharsis reserved. Steve and Robin threw Molotov cocktails at Vecna ​​while Nancy returned to being the Charlton Heston of the series and heated the sawed-off barrel of her shotgun against him. Erica knocked out a young adult and athlete with a flashlight and Lucas defended Max with his life, Murray scorched demogorgons in the USSR, Eleven explained to Uno who’s boss… Still, not even all those barbarities can overcome Hopper fighting with a sword against the demogorgon and, above all, to the sacrifice of Eddie after dedicating to Chrissy the most epic performance that Metallica would have dreamed of. That ‘Master of Puppets’ is probably the most iconic image that the series has left us and we are sure that fan-arts and merchandising with that snapshot will soon appear.

    Be that as it may, Internet users ended up excited, either because of Eddie’s sacrifice, because of Max’s near death, because of Hopper’s reunion with Eleven or because of his long-awaited kiss with Joyce. There was much to celebrate, much to cry about, and much to be emotional about. This is a small sample of how ‘Stranger Things’ put Twitter upside down again.

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