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The government presents the 30-day budget after the floods in Rio Grande do Sul

The government presents the 30-day budget after the floods in Rio Grande do Sul

Governor Eduardo Leite details emergency actions and the Rio Grande State Recovery Plan

The governor Eduardo Leite presented, this Thursday (30/5), an assessment of the actions taken by the state government in the 30 days following the historic flood that hit the Rio Grande do Sul. During the presentation, l Unique Map of the Rio Grande Plan (MUP)a satellite imagery mapping strategy that optimizes public policy targeting.

The largest weather catastrophe in the state’s history required significant government mobilization. In the first month we tried to deal with emergency needs and structure restoration and recovery policies. The government saved more than 77 thousand people and announced their release R$658.8 million for actions to support the affected municipalities and families.

“We have gone through various phases since the first signs of rain. We have gone through the response phase, with rescue operations and the restoration of services, and we have structured the actions Plan of the Rio Grande, which will guide future actions. We are working on all fronts to rebuild the state, including the financial, fiscal and technical pillars. The government must be prepared to respond to the needs, and that is what we ask of the federal government,” the governor said.

Details of the R$658.8 million earmarked for recovery

The amount of R$658.8 million was distributed as follows:

  • R$ 148 million in the State Civil Protection Fund-Fund mode;
  • R$ 117.7 million for the preservation of roads;
  • R$100 million for the Volta por Cima program;
  • R$60 million for the Social Income and Solidarity Living;
  • R$60 million in machine hours for clearing urban streets;
  • R$45.1 million for the hospital network;
  • R$41.8 million for the broadcast A Casa é Sua – Calamidades;
  • R$40 million in hours drive on local roads;
  • R$ 12.7 million finance primary care;
  • R$ 12 million for Refuge Assistance;
  • R$ 12 million for hiring mental health teams;
  • R$9.5 million for other measures to combat the crisis.

The State Government has collected in a booklet all the actions carried out in these 30 days, describing in detail the measures to combat the floods and the ongoing efforts to recover Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: Terra

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