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This is a new Netflix series that will blow your mind and it’s only 8 episodes long

This is a new Netflix series that will blow your mind and it’s only 8 episodes long

This is the new series that will be talked about on Netflix. The Spanish drama in 8 episodes will certainly annoy subscribers due to its dark and complex plot, but is terribly involved in the current issues of sexist and sexual violence and violence against women.

New Netflix series empowers teenage girls to talk about gender-based and sexual violence

Because this fiction is not recommended for children under the age of 16, it tells the story of rape. Alma, a young 17-year-old, is almost out of high school and despite the support of her friends, Greta and Nata, she is going through difficult but typical times for her age: feelings of exclusion, jealousy, problems with her parents, and more. toxic relationships.

Their lives are turned upside down when the profile @Iam_colemanmiller posts a photo on social networks with the caption: “This was me before you raped me”. Through investigation and flashbacks, the series will answer many questions: How and when did this attack happen? Who is behind this profile? Is this allegation true, and if so, who is the victim?

For several years and the advent of the #MeToo movement, fiction has taken on the subject of sexist and sexual violence against women of various biases. Sometimes very intimate, sometimes autobiographical, sometimes political, the different series, which put the words of the victims at the center, made it possible to lift the veil of many taboos and allow some necessary discussions.

  • Sexual Assault: This series that deals precisely with the words of the victims

Available on Netflix from May 31, Raising Voices (French for “Voices that rise”) wants to fit into this register and tackle the issue of sexual violence, the concept of consent and the relationship to adolescent pornography for a young audience.

Like 13 Reasons Why, this Spanish fiction, based on the novel by Miguel Sáez Carral, makes us follow the events through the eyes of the traumatized heroine and the various twists and turns that lead us to the truth.

From the first scene of the series, in which Alma hangs a banner in her high school, where she is enrolled “Be careful, the bully is hiding here”We know the series will be difficult to watch, but the message is as essential as the original title of the fiction: “Ni una Más”which means “none more”.

A cast of new stars loved by young audiences

In addition to the story and message of this series, Raising Voices can count on the casting of new Hispanic stars adored by young audiences to hopefully attract the most numbers to Netflix.

Thus, subscribers will find Clara Galle, star of the Through Window trilogy, as well as Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara from Against the Senses, the biggest hit in Premier Video history for a local original film in a non-English language. , which will have two sequels.

The rest of the cast includes figures from Spanish television such as Eloi Azorin, seen in Grand Hotel or Alta Mar, Ruth Diaz, seen in Hospital Central. Finally, Ivan Massagué, who starred in La Plateforme, one of Netflix’s biggest hits, and À contre-sens, completes the cast.

The TV series “Raising Voices” is available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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