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A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Monday 3 June 2024 Episode 106 [SPOILERS]

A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Monday 3 June 2024 Episode 106 [SPOILERS]

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE OF Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, which airs Monday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

On Monday June 3 at Plus belle la vie, even more…

Myrta and Apollina coach Steve

At the Masalia residence, Steve prepares for a job interview at a computer security company. He follows Mirta’s advice: he wears a three-piece suit and even chooses to wear his hair down.

While Steve is practicing answering Mirta’s very traditional questions, Apollin arrives and criticizes Mirta’s way of working. A makeover is needed for a young woman. A few minutes later, Steve was sitting across from Apollin.

He ditched the suit for a simple T-shirt. His friend advises him not to talk about his experience, but to ask questions about the job board, the presence of a gym in the building, etc.

The aloof Myrtle does not approve of the young woman’s method at all. He states: “If I were a recruiter, I would be very annoyed by this kind of behavior.”

In the end, Steve is even more stressed than before coaching. Nisma advises him to be himself and not listen to Myrta and Apollina. The young man thanks his girlfriend for her faith and kisses him. Will he get this job he loves so much?

Will Gabriel reconsider his decision?

In Mistral, Noura Benacci, a diabetic jogger, appears angry. Reason ? Gabriel called the marathon organizers and informed them that the young woman is sick. Therefore, he was expelled from the sporting event and even blacklisted. He entrusts the doctor: “For my family I rule.”

Indeed, she explains to Thomas and Gabrielle that her grandmother dreamed of running the marathon, but that at the time it was strictly for men. So he cut his hair and stole his brother’s card to register. But just 1km from the finish line, her father made her pull back.

Therefore, Nura promised her grandmother, now deceased, that she would take part in the marathon in her place. He is angry with Gabriel, because because of him he could not fulfill this promise that is so dear to him.

Later that day, Thomas visits Gabriel at the doctor’s office. She confides in her husband that she is worried about this young woman, then asks if there really is no way for her to run the marathon.

Gabriel replies that there is indeed a protocol, but it is very strict and above all he does not want to follow it. He would have to practice with her every session and keep a close eye on her. Thomas is disappointed by her husband’s reaction and leaves the office whispering. So will Gabriel change his mind?

The police found a bomb

At the Mistral police station, the police discovered that Abdel Fedala’s safe contained the files of a simple lawyer. That’s not all, because inside was a white jade pendant worth less than €100. Why did someone bother to open this safe?

After several hours of investigation, the police discovered that the cases were only minor civil incidents. In turn, Charlotte from PTS informs her colleagues that the burn marks found on the victim’s body are caused by ammonium nitrate and trinitrotoluene.

While searching for the robbers during the Mistral collapse, Patrick and Ariane stop at the name of Marc Lizier. And for good reason, he is suspected of twelve thefts and rarely convicted. But above all, since January 12, 2023, it has disappeared from the radar.

In turn, Jean-Paul goes to Mistral to talk to Barbara. He asks if the combination means anything to him. After a moment’s thought, he replies that it was the night of Yael’s conception. The policeman also shows him the pendant. Barbara has never seen him, but asks if he can remember her late husband.

After a working day, Barbara goes home. But he doesn’t know that he is being followed by an individual. Suddenly someone grabs his shoulder. It is Thomas who has come to bring her the evening meal: sushi night. Barbara enjoys spending the evening with her friend.

The police go to Mark Lisier’s house, but no one is in sight. Judging by the state of his house and garden, he hasn’t been there for a long time. In the garage, Patrick and Samuel hear a “beep”. Patrick looks under the desk: it’s a bomb. The police ran out, but the bomb exploded.

Are there any injuries? The answer in the next episodes of daily Plus belle la vie, even more beautiful.

Source: Allocine

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