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The man was killed with 38 gunshots inside his home in Novo Hamburgo

The man was killed with 38 gunshots inside his home in Novo Hamburgo

The residence was invaded by criminals who were specifically looking for the victim

On Thursday night (30), a man was shot dead inside a house New Hamburg, in Vale do Sinos. The victim, Silmar Lucas58 years old, she was shot at least 38 times with a 9 mm pistol while she was alone in her home.

Crime dynamics

Witnesses reported that one or two people broke into the house located on Rua Presidente Costa e Silva, in the Canudos neighborhood, around 9.30pm, asking for Lucas. Second Civil police, the house is divided into several parts that can be rented separately. The attackers searched other parts of the house before locating and killing the victim, indicating that he was the specific target of the criminals.

Investigations underway

MP Leandro Bodóia, who responded to the case, said there was no doubt that Lucas was the target of the killers. The motivation for the crime is still being examined by investigators Novo Hamburgo homicide police station. Although the victim had a criminal record, the details of which were not specified, other possible motives are being evaluated in the investigation.

Source: Terra

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