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How to renew floor grout in 4 steps

How to renew floor grout in 4 steps

How to renew floor grout in 4 steps

Over time, the grout can wear, stain or even crack, compromising the aesthetics and integrity of the floor. Find out how to renew!

When it comes to renew the joints between porcelain stoneware, ceramic and tiles It is necessary to have the right provisions, resources and tools, so as not to compromise the final result. And to help you in this task, which improves the aesthetics of the environment, but also extends the useful life of the floor, Rodrigo Pothin, CMO of Loja do Mecânico, has prepared a practical guide to renew the mortar, efficiently and Safe. Watch!

Choose new mortar and the correct tools

Before starting the process, it is important choose the type of grout suitable for your floor. There are different types on the market, e.g acrylic, epoxy and cement based. Each one has specific characteristics and is suitable for different use situations. So, check the manufacturers’ recommendations and evaluate your needs. Consider using a waterproofingmixed with the prepared mixture, for greater durability and also to avoid infiltrations.

To remove the old grout and apply the new one, separate a manual scraper with tungsten blade, a trowel, a damp sponge and a soft, dry cloth.

Remove the old mortar

Using the hand scraper, place the blade over the joint and make back and forth movements to lift the old mortar. Be careful not to damage the floor. Therefore, use the scraper gently to avoid scratches, breakages or accidents. After removing all the grout, clean the joints with the tip of the spatula until all residues have been removed.


Prepare new mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you wish, apply a waterproofing agent to the jointsbefore applying the stucco. Then, use the trowel to apply the mortar between the floor, pressing well to fill all the spaces. With a damp sponge, clean the excess grout that remains on the pieces of porcelain stoneware, ceramic or tiles, removing Be careful not to remove the grout applied to the joints.


Wait for the drying time, the so-called ‘cure’, as indicated by the grout manufacturer. In general, this process requires approximately 48 hours. Use a soft, dry cloth to remove any residue left on the floor and you’re done!

Source: Terra

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