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PlayStation 5 is the most profitable generation in Sony’s history

PlayStation 5 is the most profitable generation in Sony’s history

Sony’s report shows that the PS5’s numbers already proportionally exceed those achieved by the PS4

A Sony There are many reasons to smile at PlayStation 5. During the presentation of its new fiscal report, the company confirmed that the current generation is already proportionally the most profitable in its history, easily surpassing the numbers that the PS4 boasted and which show how well the strategies with PS5 seem to be working.

According to the company, the console has sold the equivalent of $106 billion in its four years on the market. For comparison purposes, the PlayStation 4 they amounted to $107 billion over seven years. This shows how, in half the time, the PS5 managed to match its predecessor.

PlayStation 5 has already sold the equivalent of 106 billion dollars in four years.  PS4 took seven years to reach the same price (Image: Sergio Oliveira/Canaltech)

These numbers gain even more strength when converted into each platform’s operating profit. In this case, the PS5 generated an impressive $10 billion in its first four years, while the PS4 needed seven to reach $9 billion. For this reason, Sony is not ashamed to define the current generation as the most profitable in the history of its consoles.

Good numbers aren’t just limited to hardware itself, also reflected in other company operations. According to the manufacturer, public consumption of other video game-related products also grew significantly in the PS5 generation, with a total increase of 26%.

Stratifying by sector, the greatest growth occurred in the consumption of additional content, i.e. between DLC, expansions and microtransactions in general within their games. Compared to the first four years of the PS4, growth was 176%. Sales of services increased by 57% and sales of peripherals by 34%.

Peripheral sales in the early years of the PS5 increased by 34% compared to the early days of the PS4 (Image: Disclosure/Sony)

The only place where the PS5 lags behind the PS4 is in full game sales, where the latest generation is still 12% ahead. This number is interesting, as it reflects a reality that many gamers point out for the current generation: the lack of great games.

In addition to the increase in the price of releases, this reduction in game sales also seems to be linked to a more timid start to the generation. While Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, God of war Ragnarök AND Horizon: forbidden west are major console exclusives, the early years of the PS4 featured names like Blood, The sorcerer 3, Second infamous son and himself GTA 5, which moved the audience the most.

For this reason, Sony presents in its report the plan to expand its audience by expanding its franchises, as well as investing in new series to increase sales. Not to mention, of course, the arrival of GTA 6 Comes from there’s a lot of talk about PS5 Prowhich should further increase the numbers in the coming years and confirm the good performance of the generation.

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