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For 25 years, it’s been one of the most famous horror sagas and it’s coming back soon!

For 25 years, it’s been one of the most famous horror sagas and it’s coming back soon!

In October 2022, publisher Konami officially remade one of the absolute masterpieces in its catalog: Silent Hill 2. Perhaps one of the greatest horror games ever made and even the best in the video game saga, it was created by Masashi Tsuboyama and written by Hiroyuki Owaku. The game was first released for Playstation 2 in 2001.

Developed by Bloober Team studio, we owe the psychological horror game average This 2022 remake of Silent Hill 2 was talked about (again) last night during the Sony Playstation expo, with a new trailer also hinting at its release date. It will be on October 8!

This remake of Silent Hill 2 reconnects with protagonist James Sunderland as he goes searching for clues in the same town after receiving a mysterious letter written by his wife Mary… though she died a few years ago.

Below are the new images.

14 minutes of gameplay footage was also revealed, see below..

It cannot be said that with this remake there is a growing concern among fans who do not underline the Chara design of the characters compared to the original models and the graphics of this opus, which is clearly seen beyond what we are. Now can do it on super powerful machines. We’ll obviously be careful not to make a final decision without even holding the title, but it still causes a few bursts of anxiety…

“I make Silent Hill 2 with respect and passion!”

It is clearly impossible to ignore Return to Silent Hill, which Christophe Gans lovingly prepares. The filmmaker revealed in February 2020 that he was actively working on a new Silent Hill film, following his first big success in 2006, which remains the best video game adaptation to date. cinema.

The great news is that this Return to Silent Hill That’s why there’s an adaptation of Silent Hill 2; Where his first movie somehow combined the first game and the 3rd part of the video game saga.

A nearly 4-minute long behind-the-scenes video of the making of the film was released last night.

“I consider the first four games a masterpiece” Comments Gans. “Transgressive and very modern works of art. The second game is the most grown-up Silent Hill. I think the first film was like an epic journey into the heart of horror. This is a much deeper dive into psychological horror. .

On this film, I was very surprised and pleased to find that the people who were going to help me on the set, on costumes, on make-up, on all the positions involved in making the film, I had very young technicians. He knew the game, the movie and I liked it.

We are already very, very eager to discover the first trailer for the film.

Source: Allocine

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