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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Is Soraya in Danger Because of Grigor?

Tomorrow Belongs to Us: Is Soraya in Danger Because of Grigor?

Is Soraya (Kenza Saib Kouton) in big danger because of Grigor in “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”? At the end of the episode presented by TF1 this Friday 31 May 2024 (the soap opera airs Monday to Friday at 19:10), a young woman has disappeared without a trace, and Gabriel (Martin Mill), her little friend, is still in a coma…

What happened to Soraya?

Until then, the lawyer is sure: Grigori is problematic and even suspects him of responsibility for Gabriel’s “accident”. Unfortunately, Soraya didn’t think she was saying that well, because when Rafael (Jennifer Lorre) tries to contact her, it’s Gregor who has Nori’s sister’s (Sahel de Figueirdo) phone… and who throws it overboard! How did you get it back? Did he hurt the missing Soraya?

In the Monday, June 3, 2024 episode of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Nouri and Rafael are very worried because they know full well that Soraya would never leave Seth like that. Rafael tells Nur that his sister doubted Grigor’s sincerity, but she assures him that her companion is not involved in the story.

Nuri, on the other hand, is in danger

Questioned by the police on the subject, the main character clearly maintains his innocence. Grigor also refuses a second search of his house. But Nuri realizes something terrible is going on… Raphael and Victoire (Solene Hébert) manage to go and search Grigor’s house while he’s gone!

Surprise: they find the hidden room where Soraya and Michel Prado (Agnes’ husband) were kidnapped! The prisoners are saved and Victoire and Raphael rush to comfort Noor by calling her. Except that he’s still in Grigori’s presence…

The nurse looks for an excuse to leave, but feels that his behavior has changed. Excited Nuri tells him that he knows everything! Grigor tries to justify himself by explaining that he was holding Michelle back because he thought she was trash to his sister Agnes. He tries to force Nur to stay, and she tries to free him from her grip… However, their confrontation is on the edge of a cliff!

Will the terrible fall of tomorrow belong to us?

Source: Allocine

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