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36 years after they hit the big screen, these evil clowns from outer space are back!

We can’t count the absolutely terrifying clowns on screen, big and small. We’ve even put together a small, incomplete list if you like. Among them, Killer Clowns from Elsewhere is a minor horror classic released in 1988 and directed by siblings Charles and Stephen Chiodo.

the pitch It’s totally unimaginable where the sweet B-movie perfume floats. Since then, a group of clowns starts killing all the inhabitants of a small town with deadly pranks…

36 years after they arrived in the movies, the killer clowns are back, but this time in a video game. Created by Teravision Games, a studio based in Bogotá, Colombia (yes!). Killer Clowns from Space: The Game Created under the supervision and support of the original creators.

Here is the launch trailer..

Just like horror games based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead or Friday the 13th licenses, Killer Clowns from Space: The Game Adopts asymmetric gameplay, in 3vs7 multiplayer.

The game pits teams of three killer clowns against seven fighting humans. The game is unique in that the clowns are not the only hunters… where others in this category are distinguished by the hunter vs. the hunted, Killer Clowns from Space: The Game Gives people the chance to be an aggressor, an escape architect or a master in the art of concealment. Of course, the game is fullEaster eggs In reference to the film, which fans will not miss.

already available Killer Clowns from Space: The Game Available on PC (via Steam), Playstation Store and XBox Marketplace.

Source: Allocine

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