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MC Daniel promises R $ 1,000 for security and does not pay; understand!

After promising to help security, MC Daniel is exposed for failing to keep his promise; understand the controversial case!

MC Daniele was embroiled in a new controversy after offering help to Gleison Paulino, a security guard the funk musician met at an event in Caldas Novas, Goiás, last year. According to Fábia Oliveira’s article, the singer promised to help the worker with R $ 1,000, but she did not make the photo.

On this occasion, Gleison He entered Daniel’s dressing room and had a brief conversation with the celebrity, who paid R$200 after hearing his story. “I went in [no camarim] take a picture. He [MC Daniel] He asked me if everything was okay, I said yes and then he gave me R$100. I told him that my son had run out of milk, that I wasn’t working and was moonlighting. [de segurança]. And then she gave me another R $ 100, “ he told the columnist.

And he added: “He asked me if R$1,000 would help me. I started crying, getting emotional. Then I remembered that my house payment was late, three payments were missing and he said he would make a payment of R$1,000. They asked for my contact, I gave my phone number, which is my photo, but I received nothing“.

Reason for a joke!

After the incident, the worker began to be tagged on social media in posts saying that the funk singer had paid him the sum of R$2,000. However, he denied that this happened and that, even today, among his friends it is a joke. “All the people were picking on me. The security guards who work with me were angry at me, telling me that nothing had happened“, She said.

Source: Terra

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