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The Young and the Restless: Why is Noah (Rory Gibson) back in Genoa City?

As all viewers of The Young and the Restless have noticed, Noah Newman is back in Genoa City! Indeed, after experiencing the life of an artist in London, the son of Sharon (Sharon Casey) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) returns home to recharge his batteries with his family…

Noah changes actor

However, there has been an important change regarding this character: the interpreter of the young man is no longer the same, because now it is the American actor Rory Gibson who slips into his skin!

Before joining The Young and the Restless, the main man only participated in artistic projects that were not very large-scale. However, in 2023, she landed a small role in the Netflix event film Rebel Moon: Part 1 – Child of Fire, directed by Zach Snyder.

In the intrigue series, currently on TF1, Noah revealed to his loved ones the reason he decided to return home: he had recently suffered a terrible heartbreak in England. Lonely and sad, Maria’s brother (Camryn Grimes, who reveals which scene he considered “vulgar and socially unacceptable”), Summer (Allison Lanier) and Faith (Raelyn Caster), therefore hopes to heal the wounds surrounding his clan.

What will happen to Noah?

Will this new beginning allow him to start from scratch? Nothing is less certain… remember, Noah had a relationship with Tessa (Kate Fairbanks) a few years ago, but in the end he chose Maria over her!

Despite the passage of time, has Noah really forgotten his ex? The answer is no, because when Tessa and Maria soon announce their marriage on our screens (there are three years between the French broadcast and the US broadcast), the look on the latter’s face betrays her real feelings!

But that’s not all, because before he has a very important meeting with the Abbot clan later, his ex-lover from London, who made him so unhappy, will arrive in Genoa in turn! It’s enough to annoy Noah for a few months in The Young and the Restless…

Source: Allocine

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