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Singer Carol Biazin reveals spoilers for her new album

Carol Biazin told Rolling Stone some details about this new project, check out the video on Instagram

Singer Carol Biazin announces his new album and shares some details about this production for Rolling Stone Brazilthe artist shared insights about her third album, highlighting her new single, “Traumatized Love”which arrives on digital platforms next Wednesday, the 12th.

Biazin describes some difficulties he had during the album process, highlighting the track “Traumatized Love”in which she brings a lot of feeling, and believes that the public can identify.

“This album is a very important project for me, it is certainly one of the most difficult albums I have ever made, largely because I think there are many pieces of me there, many truths. And I think that, at the same time, it is very man, it will be yours too, that you can identify with these stories” says Carol.

Check out the video:

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