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Tonight on TV: Rated 4 out of 5 This is one of the best movies of recent years

If I told you that tonight you had the opportunity to see a musical that tells the story of a legendary love story that began in 1957 in the background of a fight between rival gangs in New York, would you think…? West Side Story, of course!

But beware, not the 1962 classic adapted from the same Broadway play, but its highly successful remake, which hit theaters in 2021 and was directed by Steven Spielberg.

who else but Steven Spielberg Remodeling such a monument of the seventh art? In all honesty, it was just… the result? Praised by both the press and AlloCiné audiences, who collectively gave it a very flattering 4 out of 5 rating, the film is a real treat.

Virtuoso, inventive, full of rhythm, crazy choreography and emotion, this wonderful show (which Tarantino adores) is a pure moment of cinema that will blow your mind.

Touching such a classic was a real challenge, even for such an experienced director Steven Spielberg. “This is probably the scariest movie of my career. West Side Story is without a doubt the greatest musical ever written for the stage, and we all knew it.”he declares.

“I am convinced that great stories must be told again and again”

“It’s terribly disturbing to revisit a masterpiece, to pass it through the filter of different sensibilities and perspectives without compromising the integrity of what is generally considered to be the greatest music ever made for a musical.” continues Spielberg.

“But I’m convinced that great stories need to be told over and over again, in part to reflect different perspectives and different eras.”

Don’t wait a second: Tune in to W9 tonight to find out how Steven Spielberg managed to create a small classic, a remake of the main work itself.

Tonight on W9 at 9.05pm.

The False Connection: The Gaffes and Mistakes of Early “Western History.”

Source: Allocine

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