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Is The Watchers a good movie?  What do viewers think of this thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan’s daughter?

Is The Watchers a good movie? What do viewers think of this thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan’s daughter?

For her first feature film as a director, Ishana Shyamalan, the youngest daughter of M. Night Shyamalan, adapts AM Shine’s suspense novel.

In Les Guetteurs, after getting lost in the woods, Mina finds refuge in a house that is already occupied by three people. Then he discovers the rules of this very secret place: every night, the residents must allow themselves to be watched by the mysterious inhabitants of this forest. They cannot see them, but they watch everything.

Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Olwen Fuere (Halo) and Oliver Finnegan star in this thriller. A genre that the filmmaker is particularly fond of and grew up in since Ishaana Shyamalan accompanied her father to the sets from early childhood.

What do AlloCiné viewers think of Guetteurs?

At the time of writing, with 92 ratings and 25 reviews, the feature film has an average audience rating of 2.8 out of 5 stars.

They liked it

Basile GrondHerrmann gives it a 5-star rating and writes: “I liked the movie, Shyamala, the way we want it, it’s really cool”.

For Lil Sprite, who rates the movie 4/5, it’s “A film that takes time to establish a climate of dread and gradually develop its plot. Ishana Shyamalan is able to show us her sober and controlled staging in this way and manages to draw some interesting subtexts and parallels, especially with reality TV.

We feel that he draws inspiration from his father, be it in terms of creature designs, themes and the general atmosphere of the shots.

The result is a fairly controlled first film, where we can regret some of the silly actions of the characters and a “power of love” that is a little too cliche for my taste. But Ishana Shyamalan proves that he is a talented director whose second feature I am already looking forward to. A promising start.”


For Guillaume S.This movie is really original and attractive. I enjoyed it from start to finish. There is no length. I recommend you watch it to form your own opinion.

Reno writes:An incredible achievement, a talented director following his father’s career trajectory for our utmost enjoyment! I look forward to seeing these next projects, but in the meantime let’s enjoy this nugget.”

Shawn777 from ClubAlloCiné rates the feature film 3/5: “Ishana Night Shyamalan, daughter of M. Night Shyamalan, will make her first film here and you can tell the latter’s influence is there! So much so that sometimes we get the impression that he is clearly taking the work from his father.

We’re actually in a kind of “village” version behind closed doors, or almost because it’s about four characters trapped in a kind of bunker with a big window, in the middle of a lost forest that the characters can’t get out of. At night, creatures like wild animals come to spy on them.

The concept is very appealing, the problem is that the movie is highly predictable. And even for viewers new to the Shyamalan family, it’s a thriller that’s a bit clumsy, with clunky plots and stereotypical characters. Of the four characters, we will remember the creepy old woman and the hero with a dark past.

Thus, the many twists and turns that break the rhythm and do not reflect the character greatly emphasize the plot. For the forest also gives visions to the unwary who dare to venture there.

The monster explanations are very shaky and sometimes dispatched rather quickly, which is a shame, and the story plays the disturbingly lighthearted card too often.


Shyamalan obliges, be it the daughter or the father, it’s a twisty film, but then, it’s predictable from start to finish, which again is a shame and which almost makes the film fall into its own parody.

However, despite all these flaws, I have to admit that I enjoyed it more. Already because the concept is well mastered, the director really knew how to make it out of this voyeuristic house (analogy, again, very heavy in the same type of reality TV elsewhere) and then there is the atmosphere!

Without really scaring me, I admit that the film did not leave me indifferent, especially thanks to the work around the sound and these monsters that are always in the shadows, which sometimes chill the blood.

“‘Les Guetteurs’ is still not too bad overall, but it’s very heavy and has a kind of old-school feel to it, narrowly avoiding a smile, very much wanting to be the Shyamalan dad of the 2000s.”

They liked it less

22sur20 puts the Guetteurs on average and writes: “The Watchers is a fantasy nursery rhyme for adults disguised as a horror thriller, and it’s not really what I was looking for, even if the concept is original.

If the atmosphere is depressing and the staging does its best to make our blood run cold (it’s actually quite successful), once the main character enters the “cage” it’s a fest of questions.


I loved the mystery of the half-closed door in the first half of the movie. We’re really interested in what’s going on, even though, as usual (without wanting to show off!), I picked it up pretty quickly. The more the film progresses, the more it transforms into something completely fantastical.

Alice in Wonderland and Pan’s Labyrinth, among others, are clearly felt. The second half of the film leads to a long explanation to help us understand who the visitors are and to justify the 180-degree plot twist.

And despite everything, dozens of unanswered questions still remain after the end of the film. To push the point even further in its “fairy tale” dimension, the story gets lost in the story of “ancient legends” that come in like hairs in a soup and that carry a lot of ideas in a very short amount of time.

It made me feel like an extremely rushed and underwhelming third part of the film in “ugh, you lost me there” mode. In terms of casting, Dakota Fanning is ultra convincing and Georgina Campbell is as brilliant as ever.

I still have a lot of issues with Olwen Fuerre, who I find unbelievable in every role. And what a surprise to see John Lynch, whom I know personally! Unbelievable! In short, entertainment with a successful atmosphere, but a poorly told story.”


Shik writes:Ishana Shalaman follows in her father’s footsteps by offering a fascinating, intriguing and mysterious film that quickly falls apart like a souffle. It was a good start, however, despite the very slow pace, the story took its time…offering a bleak and depressing atmosphere.

It is quite well filmed, acted and directed. The plunge into the forest and the fear that night will come is well written… but the last 1/4 hour is an avalanche of nonsense, explanations and scenes, each one crazier than the last, we lose all credibility, the piece wants to be very serious, but there are too many inconsistencies.

I didn’t mind the open and pseudo-poetic ending, but I was disappointed, as if I had the feeling of watching the wrong story at 1:40.

For Sunshine1 this is disappointing: “The film will be extremely divisive. Do not trust the trailer as it is misleading. For my part, I didn’t like it because I was expecting a horror movie.

I love urban legends and such. But it remains a tender folk tale with an overpowering moral at the end of the feature film. Little action, vision we can barely see in the dark, and too much blah-blah to explain why and how…”


The artist of AlloCiné Club rates the film 1/5:Everything is shaky and it’s hard to understand what message the budding artist wanted to convey with this theme because it’s so vague. The eerie atmosphere also fails to hold due to the apparent lack of tension due to the fact that there is almost no action.

As a result, we are completely bored because it is absolute nothingness. Especially since we don’t care at all about the fate of the characters because they are so hollow despite the failed attempts to give them depth. The protagonists are played by an actor who is far from convincing. (…)

If the substance is bad, the film at least makes up for it with its form. M. Night Shyamalan’s daughter’s realization turns out to be correct. However, his staging does not include a visual narrative, nor does a person appear. The photography still remains high quality, especially thanks to the natural environment of the region.

The same goes for convincing special effects and the appearance of creatures with disturbing silhouettes. Unfortunately, they are not seen enough on screen and their motivations are laughable. This aesthetic still allows you to enjoy two or three pretty striking shots.

These half-hearted visuals are accompanied by a soundtrack with compositions that fit the atmosphere well, even if none of them are memorable. The soundscape is also quite well done.

There remains an uninteresting ending to end this first film, which will not be a landmark. Because yes, Les Guetteurs is an extremely bad movie that is not worth watching in any way.”

But it is best to form your own opinion. supervisors It’s currently in theaters.

Source: Allocine

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