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Is Juliet in Spring a good movie?  What do the viewers think about this feature film by Izia Higelin?

Is Juliet in Spring a good movie? What do the viewers think about this feature film by Izia Higelin?

Adaptation of the comics by Camille Jourdi “Juliet, the ghosts return in the spring“Now in theaters. Directed by Blandien Lenoir (Annie Kohler), the feature film, titled Juliet in the Spring, is directed by Izia Higuelin, Sophie Guillemin, Jean-Pierre Darussen, Noemi Lvovsky, Eric Caravaca, Lillian Rovere and Salif Cisse.

The film tells the story of Juliet, an illustrator of children’s books. The latter leaves the city to join his family for a few days: his father, so modest that he can only express himself through jokes, his mother, an artist who enjoys life, his beloved grandmother, who loses her fortune, and his sister, a mother overwhelmed by the everyday life that consumes him. She also meets Pollux, a poetic and attractive young man. In this happy mess, memories and secrets will surface.

A tender and touching portrait of a woman and family that deals with powerful themes such as depression, mental strain, motherhood, mourning and the unspeakable.

What do the first viewers think of Juliet in Spring? With 79 ratings and 14 audience reviews, the film has an average rating of 3.2 out of 5 stars.

They liked it

Elisa Lifshitz rates the film 5/5 and writes:A moving and necessary film! Camille Jourdi’s graphic novel is very accurately adapted by Blandine Lenoir!”

For fashion it is:A gentle comedy that oscillates happily between melancholy and burlesque. We laugh, we cry a lot in front of this choral movie, which is very good!

Plume writes:A brilliant film, an extraordinary Darussin, a slice of life where everyone is caught between a family secret and an existential crisis without judgement. A beautiful tribute to the graphic novel that finds its roots in this portrait of a broken family with stainless love. A beautiful aesthetic world illustrated in the soft and innocent colors of childhood.”

Juliet in the spring

For Mrs. Petimas “Juliet in the Spring” is a feel-good movie, as much about its director and screenwriter as its hilarious cast. It’s you, it’s family, it’s love, it’s childhood, it’s present, past and future, it’s animals… We laugh a lot, we cry just as much, we’re bound to find ourselves in it and come out of it, all covered in tenderness and “for the summer Reborn.

Mod Thibault writes:Real tenderness and a lot of humor comes out of this movie. The love is palpable in this charming family that will make you want to find your own. A choral film directed by Blandin Lenoir, proving his ability to make films of great humanity. Interpreted with great precision by a very talented cast, Juliette au Printemps oscillates between serious and light (we laugh a lot) in a burlesque and poetic atmosphere. A gem not to be missed!”

They liked it less

Cinévore 24 rates the film 3.5/5 and writes: “A poignant piece about the unspoken, anxieties and hidden desires (or not) and performed by a lovely cast and a bit snarky too. A charming little family and female chronicle, a bit uneven and uneven, but crossed by something beautiful. , sincere and suspenseful moments.”

Juliet in the spring

Velocio Club from AlloCiné writes:Since 2014 and Zuzu, the moment he abandoned his acting career for directing, Blandin Lenoir has alternated between very good and not so good: after Zuzu, very good, Aurora’s failure due to the lack of a clear choice between crazy comedy and “normal” Among the romantic comedy, “Annie Anger”, very successful, there is “Juliet in the spring”, adapted from “Juliet, the ghosts return in the spring”, a graphic novel by Camille. Jurd. (…) a film that has everything to like except that there are too many scenes that are acceptable in the context of comics, but much less in cinema. Except that the production, very lazy, could and should have been much more sparkling. Except we lose two important characters along the way: the cat who keeps falling off the roof at the beginning of the film and then, suddenly, we don’t see him anymore; And then there’s Pollux, a very likable character played by Salif Cisse, who we’re dying to know what happened to him. And then we’re sorry to see Blandin Lenoir fall into two unfortunate fashions of the moment: the spinning session and the more or less written song that we hear from start to finish.”

for Takeshi29”.Blandine Lenoir has created a “French-style” dramatic comedy that has all the makings of a recipe for success, with plenty of leisure and a good dose of sentimentality to go along with it. Nothing came of it, not even the beginning of a smile or a twinge of sadness, just the usual unhappiness when I encounter such formatted products.”

But it is best to form your own opinion. Juliet in the spring Must see in cinema.

Source: Allocine

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