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A Better Life Preview: What to Expect in Episode 129 Friday July 5, 2024 [SPOILERS]

A Better Life Preview: What to Expect in Episode 129 Friday July 5, 2024 [SPOILERS]

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE OF Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, which airs Friday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Friday July 5 in a more beautiful life, even more beautiful…

Will Zoey find love?

Zoe goes to the police station to see her mother. The latter asks her how her seasonal job at Mistral is going, and Zoe replies that she has met people. Ariane is proud of her and informs her about it. She adds that Morgan even told her about her beach volleyball skills.

Back at Mistral, Zoe serves Jules and Morgan two coffees. A young man takes the opportunity to offer to join them at the beach after a day of work. Zoé thanks her and credits her article on street feminism.

Morgan is surprised because Jules never told him about it. She regrets that she asked Zoe to read it instead of her. In his defense, Jules tells him that they don’t always have to agree on everything. Zoe, overhearing the conversation, adds: “It is true that you are very different.”

On the beach, Jules apologizes to her lover for avoiding the paper. As they kiss, Zoe appears and takes their photo. He informs them that they make a very cute couple.

Jules asks if she’s ever been in love. Zoe replies that the opportunity did not arise. He seems shy and embarrassed by the question. So will she find love soon?

Steve fails the infiltration mission

On the other hand, Steve and Patrick are waiting for Rebecca in the trap they set for her. While they don’t seem to know each other, they run into Mirta walking on the street. He joins them and asks in a humorous tone if this is a police training course then he leaves. Does it run the risk of mission failure?

Steve and Patrick return to the police station. They are convinced that Mirta “blamed” them. The young man checks his access to Bibak, but now everything is closed. He is worried and doesn’t know how to make amends in the eyes of all the clients he referred to and who trusted him: “I’m so ashamed, I can’t play in front of everyone”.

Back at the Masalia residence, Steve finds his girlfriend, Nisma. He tries to comfort her, but her morale is at an all-time low. He tells her: “You’d better leave me alone.”. Nisma replies that she did very bravely and that she is proud of her.

Suddenly, Steve suddenly gets out of bed to turn off the computer. He informs Nisma that Mirta is probably up to no good. And with good reason, he believes his boss planted a spy in his computer. Is this really true?

Samuel is wary of Pascal

Jennifer wakes up with a start, Pascal’s face in front of her. He can’t believe he found her. He tells her: “It took me years because you hid so well”. Jennifer screams that she had nothing to do with the accident that killed her parents and Pascal starts hitting her. He tells her: “They’re not your parents, they’re mine!”

In turn, Nelson is interrogated by Ariane and Samuel. When he feels trapped, he tries to invent lies. He claims he borrowed Samuel’s service weapon because Jennifer asked him to.

And for good reason, she would reveal to him that his companion was beating him. Samuel tries to keep calm. He asks for proof and Nelson shows him the duplicates.

Once the interrogation is over, Samuel goes to Bar Le Mistral for a coffee break. Thomas asks him for news about Jennifer, but the policeman can’t tell him anything. So Thomas advises her to question Pascal again since he was the last one to talk to Jennifer. In addition, he informs that the nurse gave him a kitten.

Samuel immediately goes to Pascal’s house. He asks how his last conversation with Jennifer went and wants an explanation about the kitten. The fake nurse replies that it was a feral cat, but doesn’t go into details.

Samuel asks him if he can visit his apartment, but Pascal immediately replies: “Do you have a warrant?”. A young policeman, well aware of his rights, replies: “Why, have you got something to hide?”

While Samuel is walking home, Pascal grabs the knife and hides it in his hand. He is about to attack the policeman when suddenly the latter ends his visit. Before leaving, Samuel said to Pascal: “See you soon”, As if he doubted her.

Once alone, Pascal took Jennifer out of the small room and said: “I’ll take care of your girlfriend.” So is Samuel in danger? The answer in the next episodes of the hit series.

Source: Allocine

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