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Government prepares ordinance to regulate apps like “tigrinho game”

Government prepares ordinance to regulate apps like “tigrinho game”

The Ministry of Finance will publish an ordinance in August to begin regulating online gambling games, such as the game of Tigrinho

With the aim of recognizing online betting games, such as “tiger game“, the Ministry of Finance (MF) announced that it plans to publish an ordinance next month to regulate and define the technical and legal criteria for this modality. According to a report by G1, the movement seeks to ensure that this type of product meets a series of requirements to be legalized in Brazil.

Certification to operate

According to the Ministry of Finance, the ordinance should require that online betting games be subject to certification that will be issued by companies authorized by the institution. In this way, they will be able to define whether the games comply with the regulatory criteria before being released to the public. Otherwise, the titles cannot be offered. download in the country.

It is worth noting that there are currently four companies authorized to issue certification: they are: Gaming Laboratories International LLC, Gaming Associates Europe Ltd, BMM Spain Testlabs and eCogra Limited.

The folder also highlights that the games must be “offered by authorized betting operators” and will have the bet.br nomenclature at the end of the web address. Finally, any brand interested in participating in the regulation must submit the request by December 31, 2024.

Minister Fernando Haddad is in favor of regulation and declared this on Tuesday in the Senate (2).

“All OECD countries [Organização para a Cooperação e o Desenvolvimento Econômico] practically, almost all the G20 countries and, looking at the world, almost all the countries, more than 90% of the countries have regulated”, Haddad emphasizes. “As long as it is well regulated, well done, moralized, with the supervision of the Brazilian government. The State, protecting citizens, it is something that can generate work and income in our country”, he concludes.

Minister Fernando Haddad is in favor of regulating online betting (Image: Reproduction/Valter Campanato/Agência Brasil)

But what about the “tiger game”?

The Ministry of Finance cannot yet say whether the Fortune Tiger falls into a gambling game, but the criminal specialist and conformity Railane Roma, in an interview with Canaltechbelieves that the product falls within this definition.

“Games of chance are those where the outcome does not depend on the skill of the player, but on luck,” he explains. “In other words, they are games where the player cannot influence the outcome with his own skill, it depends only on luck, and Fortune Tiger fits into this,” he concludes.

The National Association of Gaming and Lotteries (ANJL) disagrees. “Fortune Tiger is a game of chance, in the form of fixed odds, and not a game of chance, prohibited by the Misdemeanor Act.”

Fixed odds mode means that the bettor has information about how much he can win based on the amount wagered.

To better understand the situation, it is worth checking the controversy over the “tigrinho game”.

Source: G1

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