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If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you’re on holiday in Ireland, this is the place to go

If you’re a Harry Potter fan and you’re on holiday in Ireland, this is the place to go

We are in the final part of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth opus of the famous magical saga, which was directed by David Yates in 2009. The young wizard has just learned a terrible revelation about Voldemort’s past: now he knows that the dark wizard’s soul is divided into 7 different parts – Horcruxes – he must go in search of these enchanted objects in order to destroy them and thus overcome his worst enemy.

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A cave carved out of a rock

Accompanied by Albus Dumbledore, who thinks he knows where one of the five remaining Horcruxes is hidden, Harry then leaves the grounds of Hogwarts and arrives at the entrance to a terrifying cavern that is cut like a sprawling cavern into the sheer wall of a huge rock. They were beaten by raging waves.

The landscape, now emblematic of any self-respecting Harry Potter fan, has of course been digitally retouched by the saga’s digital artists for the sake of the sequence. But it was actually shot on location, in a must-see tourist spot that is one of Ireland’s most famous.

Cliffs of Moher

Although all the scenes that take place in the cave (where Harry and Albus are attacked by hordes of the dead, and where the headmaster of Hogwarts has to drink a potion to return the Slytherin locket) were filmed in the studio, the exterior shots are revealing. The entrance to the cave was filmed on the famous Cliffs of Moher.

On Ireland’s west coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean, these luxuriant and rugged stone walls, indented by ancient tidal surges, are one of the most popular tourist attractions for travelers visiting the country. Located in County Clare, Province of Munster, they are 8 kilometers long and can reach a height of 214 meters above the ocean.

Brilliant and dizzying, they not only housed this iconic Harry Potter sequence, but also appeared in other famous films such as Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride, Give Me Your Hand with Amy Adams, or even Asterix and Obelix: On Her Majesty’s Service.

If you’re vacationing in Ireland and you’re a Harry Potter fan, now you know where to go.

(Re)discover the hidden details of ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’…

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