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Superman Sees Icon of His Mythology Destroyed 66 Years After Creation

Superman Sees Icon of His Mythology Destroyed 66 Years After Creation

DC Comics will destroy a major part of the Superman mythology, something that has remained intact for 66 years

Absolute PowerDC Comics’ new hero-smashing saga and big American summer event, has just begun and promises to be one of the publisher’s most impactful storylines for years to come. In addition to placing the Justice League and virtually all metahumans in slavery and powerlessness, Amanda Waller’s Evil Trinity will destroy an iconic piece of Superman mythology, something that has remained intact for 66 years.

Warning: spoilers for the Absolut Power saga!

The first edition of Absolute power proved that the event is indeed one of the most terrible for the heroes. Amanda Waller, in a real attack blitzkriegUse the technology Queen Brainiac’s alien turns public opinion against the heroes by creating fake news and images with the help of extraterrestrial artificial intelligence.

This forces the heroes to take to the streets, to prove to humanity that everything is just a move by Waller. However, in doing so, they are exposed to the attack of Failsafe, the evil android Batman of the Trinity of Evil. He commands a group of Amazo androids that steal the powers of the Justice League.

Cover of Absolut Power #3, coming in September (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

And, in one of the most touching moments of Absolute Power #1, Superman later falls after being hit by an Amazo androidwho reveals himself as the Last Son. Jonathan Kent and Superboy try to help the Man of Steel, only to be shot as well. And the issue shows that Waller has special plans for Jon, who will be transformed into a cyborg by Queen Brainiac.

The Fortress of Solitude will be destroyed

And then we get the reveal that the Fortress of Solitude, an icon of Superman mythology that has remained intact for 66 years, will be destroyed. The preview of Absolute Power No.3which will be released in September, already anticipates the tragedy, which has been compared to the death of the Man of Steel in the 90s.

“Our heroes are on the run after the Evil Trinity’s devastating attack on the fortress of Solitude! With Superman’s headquarters in ruins and the superpowers of Planet Earth in the clutches of Amanda Waller, Failsafe and Queen Brainiac… will this be the end of the line?” asks the issue’s synopsis.

The destruction of the Fortress of Solitude has already been compared to the Death of Superman (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

Of course, the heroes will have an answer. “Absolutely not: the resistance is still alive! Using the fortress technology repaired by Mr. Incredible and Airwave, Earth’s last hope has retreated to Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman and notoriously wary of outsiders,” says the synopsis, which ends by asking whether Batman and Superman, along with the other remaining heroes, can help Flash Barry Allen defeat Waller.

Superman will especially have to deal with the fact that his son, Jon Kent, has become an evil cyborg and is largely responsible for the destruction of the Fortress of Solitude. In addition, the Last Son Amazo immediately emerges as the greatest threat of his career, since, in addition to an intelligence that rivals that of Lex Luthor and Brainiac, he possesses destructive power equal to or greater than that of Apocalypse.

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