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“We’d be furious”: Simon Pegg radical on the future of his cult comedy

“We’d be furious”: Simon Pegg radical on the future of his cult comedy

“We’d be furious”: Simon Pegg radical on the future of his cult comedy

Simon Pegg Returns to the Film That Revealed Him

Today, for the general public, Simon Pegg is Benjamin “Benji” Dunn, a key member of the IMF team led by Tom Cruise in the action-espionage saga. Mission Impossible. But before becoming a star of this type of cinema, the British actor revealed himself on English television and in a conspicuous way in the comedy register with the cult Night of the Living Dead by Edgar Wright.

Night of the Living Dead
Shaun of the Dead ©Mars Distribution

Published in 2004, Night of the Living Dead he was a great critical success and a solid commercial success, which projected the careers of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost into a new dimension. Together, they will continue Warm Fuzz in 2007 and The Last Pub Before the End of the World in 2013 to form the trilogy Blood and Ice Creamalso called the Cornetto Trilogythree films written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

“There are so many of us in this film”

Interviewed at length by The Hollywood Journalistwhile he is currently making headlines for his participation in the series The boysSimon Pegg has returned generously Night of the Living Dead. And in particular he was asked about his opinion on a potential restart from the 2004 film His response is as clear as it is fierce:

Universal Pictures owns the rights. If they want to reboot it, they can. Even though it would piss me and Edgar off. (laughs) “Shaun of the Dead” is incredibly personal. There are so many of us in this movie. (…) So much of our heart and soul. If someone were to reboot it, it would be a cynical and offensive exercise. I hope people like our movie enough to resist the idea of ​​a reboot.

The message has been sent and Universal Pictures has been notified. And to the extent that Simon Pegg has become a world-famous actor and Edgar Wright is now recognized as one of the finest directors of his generation, it stands to reason that they will be able to protect their legacy.

Source: Cine Serie

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