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Car Quiz: In which movies do we see these wheels?

Car Quiz: In which movies do we see these wheels?

Do you like sitting in red seats in dark rooms as much as in your car? Do you know every nook and cranny of your engine from your favorite movies? Do you sometimes fasten your seat belt before rediscovering Rush or Le Mans 66? In short, are you a fan of movies and beautiful cars?

It’s time to harmonize your two passions and return to the most legendary cars of the big screen, only to find out which feature films they belong to by looking at the frame of their wheels. Back from the Mad Max film path to the future through Batman Begins and the Cars, can you answer these 7 questions without a single mistake?

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Back to the future

Before there was the famous DeLorean driven by Marty McFly at 88 miles per hour, Dr. Emmett Brown’s time machine was… a refrigerator. Indeed, as the film’s director Robert Zemeckis stated: “We first imagined the machine to be a box, an old refrigerator that we modified, but it quickly became clear that the time machine had to be a car.

“We decided to use the DeLorean in the movie because of the joke. When the car arrives in the past, the people on the farm think it’s a spaceship. The car has iron doors. Butterfly, it really looks like a futuristic spaceship. .”


If you look at the body of the hero of the film, Lightning McQueen, you will see that he wears the number 95. The latter corresponds to the release year of Toy Story, the first feature film from Pixar studios, which literally shook the world. animation.

Source: Allocine

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