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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Monday 8 July 2024 Episode 963 [SPOILERS]

It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Monday 8 July 2024 Episode 963 [SPOILERS]


Everything starts here on Monday, July 8…

Willa Stalker disguises herself

Things seem to be back to normal at the villa after the blood-stained swimming pool and burning horror, which Carla posted photos of on Instagram. Since then, the young girl has complained of receiving anxious messages from her adoptive father. Rose, on the other hand, is happy to see that things have finally calmed down between Carla and Paul. But not everyone knows that they are being watched by a man in disguise. The latter, who already follows Jasmin on Instagram under the nickname Yves62, also starts following Carla and Berenice.

A little later, the young people gather around the swimming pool. Carla notices an increase in followers on Instagram. Jim asks about it and looks at the usernames of his recent subscribers, who he thinks are perverts. He then quotes Yves62, which alerts Berenice. Indeed, he realized that he was also following him. Penelope and Jasmine take turns checking and notice that he is following them too. He even liked a photo of Jasmine she posted during the Coupe de France de Cuisine.

Then Jasmine begins to think that she will have to deal with a stalker. On the advice of her friends, she contacts him and asks if they know each other. He’s about to answer, then immediately hangs up. Annoyed, Jasmine prefers to block it and not think about it. Berenice suggests the group take a walk in the woods to clear their minds.

Only Suleiman refuses the invitation to stay in the villa. While he takes a shower, Cleo joins him in the bathroom. After sex, they stay together in the bathroom. Cleo makes sure the door is locked securely so her parents in town don’t surprise her. He also asks Suleiman to be as discreet as possible about his interactions with his friends. A young man comforts her.

In the woods, Jasmine consults an Instagram account and receives a message that a certain Yves63 has started stalking her. At the same time, he hears a rustling in the leaves. Sensing that he is being followed, Jimmy decides to find out exactly. He goes to the corner of the forest and stops them from watching. Then Carla meets her adoptive father, Nicholas Fourian…

Hortense and Mehdi think about their wishes

Despite planning to keep it together, Hortense eventually breaks down and confesses to Mehdi that she suspects she is pregnant. He is awaiting the results of a blood test, which will confirm whether or not, the next day. Mehdi says he is very happy with this news. As for Hortense, she emphasizes that she always dreamed of children.

A little later, on the terrace of Double A, Hortense confides in Alice. Despite her deep desire for motherhood, Hortense believes that now is not the right time for her and her couple to have children. But considering Mehdi’s reaction, she doesn’t dare tell him how she really feels. However, in Alice’s eyes, telling the truth is the only solution.

Meanwhile, Mehdi works in the kitchen with Malik and Maya. He listens to them talk about all the problems some of the Malik family members have had with their children. Uncomfortable, Mehdi leaves for fresh air. When she returns to the kitchen, she admits to Maya and Malik that she doesn’t feel ready to have children, which makes her uncomfortable as she assumes that’s all Hortense is waiting for.

Enzo should be honest

At the pop-up restaurant, Tom discovers Vicky’s menu and immediately notices that it’s very complicated. Enzo, who shares her opinion, did not dare to tell his girlfriend, for fear that it would cause another argument between them. When the latter arrives in turn and announces that he’s been thinking about new additions to his menu, Enzo still doesn’t dare say anything.

While Vicky prepares her recipes with Tom to taste, Enzo decides to go play basketball. He hopes that his lover will realize his mistake. But Chef Leroy, who also notices he’s walking up to the wall, advises Enzo to act like a real supervisor.

Meanwhile, Enzo returns to the pop-up restaurant to take Vicki aside and explain that his menu is too sophisticated for the pop-up setup and his original concept. Vicki takes it well and admits that she made the wrong move. Enzo then offers to help simplify the card. Vicky takes it with relief.

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