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Cinema Quiz: Avoid a red card by doing 11/11!

Cinema Quiz: Avoid a red card by doing 11/11!

Sports have always been a favorite subject of cinema, due to its visual impact and story issues. Boxing, for example, may have had its glory hours, whether it was Sylvester Stallone’s 70s rock saga, Martin Scorsese’s 80s classic Raging Bull, or even Michael Mann’s Muhammad Ali biopic starring Will Smith as the legendary . Boxer.

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We can also cite baseball with films such as Strategist or Indians, American football (Sunday in Hell, Jerry Maguire), rugby (Invictus) and undoubtedly all other existing sports that at one time could inspire filmmakers for their works.

Recently, tennis has been in the spotlight (a sport to which we have already dedicated a quiz!). For example, we can mention the love triangle formed by Zendaya, Josh O’Connor and Mike Feist in Luca Guadagnino’s latest film Challengers.

Or Will Smith for another biopic, this time as Richard Williams, the father of Venus and Serena, the sister of two world tennis stars of the 2000s, in Reinaldo Marcus Green’s The Williams Method.

Basketball has also recently been highlighted by director Takehiko Inoue’s excellent animated film The First Slam Dunk, based on its own manga, or the more popular Space Jam: New Era, where LeBron James provides the legacy of Michael Jordan, the star of the first 1996 film. .

But today it’s football we’re interested in, because in the middle of the Euros and a few hours before the Portugal-France quarter-final, we present a quiz to try to identify these eleven movie scenes involving the ball. Do you think you can win the cup?

Source: Allocine

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