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Are you a fan of the world of Ghibli?  This new Netflix movie is made for you!

Are you a fan of the world of Ghibli? This new Netflix movie is made for you!

What is it about?

No one sees Ruger, the imaginary friend of Amanda, a 10-year-old girl who has lost a loved one. But imaginary creatures disappear when people forget about them – and when Ruger suddenly finds himself alone, without hope, he arrives in the city of imaginary creatures where his fellow citizens live and work. With only his memories as his luggage, Roger embarks on an exciting journey to see Amanda, while the little girl and her family look to the future…

Universal theme

Imaginary friends are in the spotlight this year! Following the feature film Blue & Company, directed by John Krasinski and directed by Ryan Reynolds, a new film on the subject fills the Netflix video library in early summer.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by AF Harold and Emily Gravett, The Imagination takes us on an epic adventure with Ruger, a young boy who is not like the others because he is not real. The brainchild of young Amanda, this invisible friend sees her entire existence called into question when her “creator” is found in a coma.

Amanda and Roger

Bursting with gentle humor and endearing characters, this beautiful animated film oscillates between an epic tale for children and a melancholic drama for older children. Between two fantastical action scenes, the script focuses on the inevitability of time, mourning and imagination as survival modes after traumatic shock.

A clever reflection on the transition from childhood to adulthood, which may require a few tissues.

Influence of Studios Ghibli

Directed by a Ghibli veteran, The Imaginary enjoys all the hallmarks of a Hayao Miyazaki feature film. Indeed, Yoshiyuki Momo was the lead animator at the famous Japanese studio and notably worked on the cult films Porco Rosso, Si tu tense l’oreille and even Spirited Away. The experience is felt in this new production, which honors and inspires his former Oscar-winning mentor.

A poetic story, a world rich in magic and strange creatures, charming animation by Ponok, the film is in every way similar to a Ghibli production. We especially highlight his 2D drawing style, reminiscent of the animated works of the time, far from the new CGI trend, which is not unanimous among fans of the genre.

L’Imaginaire, presented in competition at the 48th edition of the Annecy Festival last June, has already won over a large part of the public. “A stunning achievement in animation with a powerful story that makes it a generational classic,” writes American media SlashFilm. In short, a little nugget as visually beautiful as it is tactile, to discover with the family and that will delight young and old alike.


After enthralling the Japanese public and Annecy Festival goers, L’Imaginaire can be found today on Netflix, VOSTFR and VF.

Source: Allocine

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