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Un Si Grand Soleil: “I had a three-month contract at the beginning”… Hubert Benhamdin talks about creating the character of Christophe.

Un Si Grand Soleil: “I had a three-month contract at the beginning”… Hubert Benhamdin talks about creating the character of Christophe.

He was undoubtedly the most complex and fascinating character in Un si grand soleil!

Introduced in the series since July 2019, Christophe Lemaire (Hubert Benhamdin) has established himself over the seasons as the flagship character of the France 2 daily soap opera.

However, there was nothing at first to suggest that the kindly vet would turn into a serial killer as methodical as he was ruthless. But now, his breakup with Johanna (Aurore Delplace) and his insatiable need to eradicate evil from the face of the earth are driving him to the dark side.

For five years, the now famous florist made many sacrifices. From Patrice and Eva Engel to Ziggy’s boss, including Regis Tresson, Pedro Morel and more recently Obert, they have all experienced the wrath of the fearsome killer.

If Christoph managed to slip through the cracks, the recent opening of the investigation into the florist would prove fatal for him. Feeling dangerously stretched around him, Christophe chose to end his life on July 3rd. The act that ends the story of Christophe Lemeur and his alter ego in Un si grand soleil.

But how did the writers of the Montpellier series imagine Christophe? Hubert Benhamdin, translator of the unforgettable Christophe, spoke to Allocine about the genesis of this character, who undoubtedly marked the history of Un si grand soleil.

“At first I had a three-month contract”

At the beginning of the adventure in Un si grand soleil, Hubert Benhadmin signed a contract for a single arch. However, seeing the character’s dramatic and psychological potential, the writers finally decided to develop it further.

At first I had a three-month contract at Un si grand soleil. Kristoff was a somewhat boring character, not very interesting at all and was mostly there because he was Johanna’s husband. I would say it was a bit of a utilitarian role“- the actor explained to us about this topic.

It was during Kristoff’s heart transplant that the idea to make him a darker and more complex character came up.

Hubert Benhamdin tells us, “I don’t know who had the idea, but the shift actually happened at the hospital during Christophe’s heart transplant. I think that arch was quite crucial because it was dramatically intense. This is where the writers made the decision to revive the character, as it seems to me that Kristoff was supposed to die after this operation. It was a turning point, everything was decided at that moment“.

If Christophe Lemaire’s story captivated viewers with its complex evolution, it also showcased the writers’ ability to transform an initially secondary character into an essential figure in the series.

There is no doubt that his journey into the world of daily serials will remain a memorable example of masterful, inspired and daring narrative construction.

Source: Allocine

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