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4.5 out of 5: Historic record!  It is the best rated French film by the audience and is in cinemas

4.5 out of 5: Historic record! It is the best rated French film by the audience and is in cinemas

Released in our cinemas on Friday 28 June, The Count of Monte Cristo with Pier Nini attracted over 1.18 million viewers in its first week on screen. If the large mural adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas Pierre was transferred by the Fête du Cinéma, which also broke the record in terms of attendance, the film by Alexandre de la Patellier and Mathieu Delaporte also excites the audience.

914 reviews in one week!

On its first day of release, The Count of Monte Cristo has already earned an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 for 76 ratings. Based on its success in theaters, the feature film now has 4,568 ratings and 990 audience reviews, including 855 critics who gave it at least 4 stars after a week of release.

The Count of Monte Cristo thus becomes the top-rated French film by AlloCiné viewers, with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, dethroning Jeanne Herr’s I’ll Always See Your Face, which was rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The feature film about Edmond Dantes’ revenge on the people who betrayed and stole his love and 14 years of his life is now also ahead of The Pianist (4.4/5), The Untouchables (4.4/5), Le Trouw. Jacques Becker (4.4/5) or La Grande Vadrouille by Gérard Oury (4.3/5) and Les Tontons flingueurs by Georges Lautner.

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A wonderful coup by the producer of this big-budget film, Dimitri Rassam, who undertook the main project: to bring the literary works of Alexandre Dumas Perry to the screen. After The Three Musketeers – the third part of which was recently announced – the son of Carol Bouquet and producer Jean-Pierre Rassam presents The Count of Monte Cristo. For the producer, these films stemmed from a desire to relate to the films he had dreamed of as a child, and to offer the audience great adventure murals. And it seems the bet paid off!

Asked about the film’s success and its place among the top French films on AlloCiné, Nathalie Cieutat, Deputy General Director of Distribution at Pathé Films, told us: “The film was so successful that we were sure of its reception in the community, we are obviously happy that everything turned out like this, of course, the rating of Allociné, the reaction, in social networks, in the press, etc.

The Count of Monte Cristo

Long live French cinema!“: Latest viewer reviews

Viewers are enthralled by this Dantesque epic: Netizen Luzia Altc writes: “Aesthetic jewelry. The acting, the pictures, the music (incredible), the visual contrasts… and of course the story. Pierre Nin explains his role frankly. We also find the spirit of Lupine fueling the film. taking…”.

Internet user Manon Sapin notes : “The movie was incredible, glorious. Wow, I sincerely recommend it. I was so focused that 3 hours of the movie went unnoticed. I cried the whole movie because it was so beautiful. I was overcome with emotion. The movie would have deserved to be chosen as the best film of the Cannes Film Festival and Pierre Nini deserved an Oscar.”

The Count of Monte Cristo

Aubin Rico leaves the film with one certainty: “French cinema is not dead. The Count of Monte Cristo is a real success. I didn’t know the plot, which was quite complicated considering the many characters, but the script skillfully leads us through the winding paths of vices, the complexity of human relationships and the destruction of romantic passions. Aesthetically, the show is fabulous: the sets, the costumes, the lighting… the imagery is beautiful, drenched in sunlight, and the colors are shimmery, not too saturated. Pierre Nin portrays this complex role with nuanced panache and shines in a vengeful madness full of passion and charisma.

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Next to him, Patrick Mill, Bastien Bouillon and especially Laurent Lafitte are enjoying the brutality. As well as Pierfrancesco Favina moves as Abbot Faria. The young actors are not left out, starting with Vasili Shneider, sunny and charming (promising for the announcement of the film) and, of course, Annamaria Vartolomey, simply exceptional. (…) This film is primarily a portrait of man with his ugliness, deep nature and duality of soul states, because everyone in this story is more or less vicious. It remains a great adventure story, an epic full of twists and turns that offers a great moment of escapism (a must in these gloomy times), perfect to start the holiday! Thank you for this (very) excellent film, both enjoyable and effective. Long live French cinema!”

Also cast is the brilliant Anais Demostier, who lends her qualities to Mercedes Herrera, Edmond’s fiancee, Laurent Lafitte, who plays Gerard de Villefort as the king’s prosecutor, the young Annamaria Bartholomew (Edmond’s protégé, Heide Milleree) Bouillon (the jealous Fernand de Mortseff), Pierfrancesco Favino (Abbe Faria ), Julien de Saint-Jean (Andrea), Vasily Schneider (Albert) and Julie de Bona (Victoria), The Count of Monte Cristo It’s currently in theaters.

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