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Cult for 38 years: This announcement of the return of the fantasy saga with Henry Cavill as the immortal will delight fans

Cult for 38 years: This announcement of the return of the fantasy saga with Henry Cavill as the immortal will delight fans

After many years of waiting, the Highlander Saga reboot project is finally coming to fruition! We already knew that Chad Stahelski, the creator of John Wick, was going to make a movie about immortality.

The latter is carried by Henry Cavill, who will reprise the role of Conor McLeod, previously played by Christophe Lambert. The development of this new version took several years and nothing concrete was started.

There may only be one left!

This is now done with a shooting date revealed by the director. he asked ColliderStahelski confirmed that filming will begin in early 2025. “We start filming in Scotland in January, so I’m going to Scotland to do the last locations.”he confided.

For his part, Henry Cavill has already emphasized that he has returned to training. “If you think you’ve seen me wield a sword, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”he said at CinemaCon in Las Vegas last April. Over-enthusiasm or a subtle little jab at The Witcher series, which he recently left due to disagreements with production?

Henry Cavill’s comments are echoed by Chad Stahelski in 2017, when the project was in its infancy:

never seen

“They said, ‘Whatever you did with the gunfights on John Wick, we want you to try and do the same with the sword fights on Highlander.’ We want you to do something cool and unique that will make the audience happy. Say they’ve never seen it before”indicated the director in the columns Collider.

7 years later, Stahelski confirms this desire to offer unique sword fights: “We have the right trainers. We have found some of the best swordsmen I have ever met in my life to help us”The director emphasized.

“Let’s see how we manage all this, isn’t it? The princess brideis not Tiger and Dragonis not master and commanderis not Zoro. What is this new style of action and sword fighting that people can get excited about? It’s what keeps me up at night.”she said.

In addition to the fighting and action aspects, Henry Cavill also highlighted the upcoming story: “I really liked the whole mythology behind these stories. This idea of ​​a tragic warrior with more of a story to tell than just a cool guy with a cool sword doing cool things. It’s much deeper.”he assured her.

“What they’ve done so far and what we’re doing to develop the story is extraordinary. I think the audience is going to be very, very pleased.”, promised Henry Cavill. No release date has been announced at this time.

Meanwhile, the Highlander series with Adrian Paul is available on Prime Video’s Warner pass if you want to watch it again before the reboot!

Source: Allocine

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